Turn your Photo into a work of ART!

29 Jul

Hello from Russia with Love! This is Aiden,checking in from the MS Rotterdam which is located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

After enjoying the day at the Hermitage Museum,I have been inspired. I am ready to create a masterpiece, are you?

Using Windows Live Photo Gallery- Photo Fuse Feature we can create a work of art by bringing a little bit of color to a classic black and white photo.

Have you ever seen a black and white picture with just a hint of color and wondered how they do it? Check out the steps below and get to work creating your Masterpiece.

IMG_0472 Stitch Fuse

Step 1: Open a Photo in Windows Live Photo Gallery. 

Step 2:Make a copy of this Photo using the Make a copy Button Capturelocated under the edit tab. Save this photo in the same Folder by clicking the save button.


Step 3:  Now that we have two photos, turn one of the photos Black and White or Sepia using the Effects filters shown below.Capture6

Step 4: Select the photos you want to fuse. On the Create tab, in the Tools group, click Photo Fuse.


Step 5: Click the area of the photo you want to replace with Color. Drag one of the points to adjust the size of this area. Capture5Then select which one you like best.

DSC_0375 Fuse

For additional tips on using the Photo fuse Feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery visit http://explore.live.com/ or click on the following link  to watch a video tutorial Using Photo Fuse to get the best out of your Photos.


I hope this helps you create some wonderful Photos.

Aiden– Techspert on board the MS Rotterdam


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