Windows Troubleshooter Helps Fix Common Computer Problems!

4 Aug

Hi everyone! It’s Chase onboard the Elegant Explorer, the ms Prinsendam. We’re currently sailing around the North Sea and Arctic Circle – beautiful scenery but very chilly too!

Windows 7 has some great troubleshooting features built in, so if you ever run in to a troublesome error message, be sure to check Windows Troubleshooter first. It can often fix problems with just one click! Or even if you aren’t having problems with your computer, you can check out the various Troubleshooters to improve your computer’s performance. For example, did you know you can help improve your laptop computer’s battery life in just a few clicks with the “Improve Power Usage” Troubleshooter? Windows scans  your computer’s power settings and automatically optimizes them so you get the most battery life possible! Here’s how:

1. Click Start and in the “Search programs and files…” box, type Action Center.

2. Click “Troubleshooting.

3. Click the Troubleshooter you want, such as “Improve Power Usage.”

4. Watch Windows fix your computer automatically!

5. Windows Troubleshooter is complete, and lets you know what fixes, changes and improvements it has made.

6. Enjoy your upgraded computer!

It’s just that easy. Be sure to check out more Troubleshooters, built right in to Windows 7, and be sure to join me in the Digital Workshop onboard the ms Prinsendam to learn more great Windows features!


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