Be Safe, Not Sorry

18 Aug

Did you know that Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is the safest web browser of them all?

In a recent evaluation by NSS Labs of Carlsbad, California, IE9 was found to successfully block 100% of web-based Internet threats. No other web browser that was tested fared nearly as well in the evaluation. Here is a link to more information about web-based Internet threats and the NSS test results:

Web-based threats take the form of fraudulent web sites and inadvertently-downloaded socially-engineered malicious software. They try to compromise your private, sensitive information or invade your computer. This can lead to identify theft and fraud or can impair your computer’s operation.

But, don’t be scared: Internet Explorer 9’s markedly superior SmartScreen feature protects you in two ways. The first is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator; basically, the web address) filter, an Internet-based system that checks URLs against a master database of known threats. A user will receive a clear warning if attempting to access a web site that is found in the security definitions database.

The second way Internet Explorer 9’s SmartScreen feature protects you on the web is with Application Reputation, which offers browser users a remarkably effective level of file download protection. This is the first attempt by any vendor to create a definitive list of every downloadable application on the Internet, good and bad. If a user attempts to download a suspect file, SmartScreen will provide a clearly-worded warning advising against it and allow the user to decide what to do. Threats such as this can appear on the Internet quite suddenly and without warning. When a threatening download is discovered and reported, it is added to the security definition database almost immediately and you are protected as efficiently as possible.

Be sure you are protected by turning on the SmartScreen filter. Here’s how: Select the Tools menu (or click on the Safety button in the toolbar), find the SmartScreen Filter menu item and then select Turn on SmartScreen Filter, if necessary.

The Internet is an unprecedentedly valuable resource and we want to be able to use it with confidence. Internet Explorer 9 with SmartScreen can freely provide you with that peace of mind.

John Busey
Techspert, ms Zuiderdam


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