The Quick Access Toolbar speeds up your day!

19 Aug

This is Chris Jackson, the Techspert, writing you from Alaska onboard the ms Volendam in the Digital Workshop sponsored by Microsoft.

The Quick Access Toolbar is within the ribbon of most Microsoft software programs. This tool can be your best friend when you do routine tasks that are accessible within those multiple tabs.

I will be demonstrating applying the Panorama Stitch feature of Windows Live Photo Gallery to the Quick Access Toolbar. Always look to use the quick access toolbar in all of the Windows Live Essentials Software programs and for that matter look for this option in most other Microsoft’s software programs as well.

Open Windows Live Photo Gallery and left click on the ‘Create’ tab


Find ‘Panorama’ within the ‘tools’ segment of the Create tab


Right click on ‘Panorama’ and a drop down menu will appear. At the top of the drop down menu you will see ‘Add to Quick Access Toolbar’ left click


Look up to the top left corner of Windows Live Photo Gallery and above the ‘Edit’ tab you should see the icon for ‘Panorama’.


Now you do not have to go to the Create tab to access the Panorama tool.

Applying tools and features that you use all of the time within Windows Live Essentials will save you time by saving you clicks!

Chris Jackson – Techspert – ms Volendam


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