A Windows Live ID – Used for much more than just an email address

15 Sep

Have you seen the pop up “Sign In with your Windows Live ID” when you started Windows or opened a program? Did you choose to ignore and close it? Maybe you wondered simply what it was.

Today I wish to share what it is as well as a few features and benefits a Windows Live ID offers you.

What it is:
A Windows Live ID is simply a free email account through Hotmail.com But, it’s MORE than just email. It also allows login access to some great websites and software designed by Microsoft.

Why use it:
1. Send emails with many included safety and security features other email providers may not offer. A few of these features include Sweep, phishing filters, and secure encrypted login mode. Receive only real emails in your inbox with high levels of junk and phishing filters working to keep the inbox clean and safe.

2. Store photos, movies and documents in 25 GB of free SkyDrive online storage space. You can upload to this space directly at Hotmail.com or from within Windows Live Essentials or Microsoft Office software programs installed on your PC.

3. Create Microsoft Office files on your PC and edit within the Hotmail online email environment. Use online versions of Word, Publisher, Excel, and OneNote. You can even collaborate on files with a group, provided you’ve set up the group from your trusted contacts and they also use a Windows Live ID.

4. Use the Windows Live ID and password to sign in to Windows Live Essentials software installed on your computer to do things like video chat or share photos directly in a text chat in Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Live Essentials Programs include Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Writer and more. The software is available at http://download.live.com

What to do next:
Go to Hotmail and create a Windows Live account. The website has tips and video demos for some of the features I’ve only briefly mentioned here…Sweep and Online Office for example.

Just today I received a great article in my Hotmail inbox regarding collaborating with a group to work on an online Excel document. I recommend you check out the video at the following Microsoft link. Impressive!

Excel Web App

Techspert Trisha on the ms Rotterdam



One Response to “A Windows Live ID – Used for much more than just an email address”

  1. Maw October 3, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    Can I still use Sky Drive if I uninstall the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant?

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