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Handouts are now up!

24 Oct

The Full unabridged versions of our new updated handouts are active and can be found here: Full Handouts

They can also be found by following the link on the right side of the page that says Digital Workshop Handouts (unabridged).


The Digital Workshop

Falling Into Autumn on the Eurodam

19 Oct

     Hello Everyone! Kristin here, reporting to you from the Digital Workshop aboard the beautiful Ms Eurodam currently docked in Bar Harbor, Maine.  As the Eurodam is making her transition from Canada to warmer climates in the Caribbean, we are privileged to be experiencing some of the most beautiful changing of the colors of the fall foliage.  From the land of maple syrup and the sugar shack the Digital Workshop brings to you some of the stunning vistas of autumn in Canada.

This picture shows off the colors near Sageuney, Canada.

A Sugar Shack in the hills near Quebec City.  Perfect location to make some maple taffy!

A panaramic shot near St. Anne’s Catherdral in Quebec, Canada

Some more colors from Saguenay.

And lastly, a goregous panorama of the leaves while leaving Saguenay.

     These panoramics were created with Windows Live Photo Gallery, apart of the Windows Live Essential Suite of programs.  When taking panoranics be sure to make sure that your individual pictures are overlapped with the next picture and make sure that you stay as steady as possible when taking the individual pictures.  If you are not steady there is a chance that you might have to crop the picture out a lot to avoid having lots black in your picture, which could cause you to lose a significant portion of your panoramic. 

Happy picture taking everyone and enjoy the fall season!

Cheers from the Eurodam,


Techspert, Eurodam

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Where in the world was that photo taken?

12 Oct

This is Aiden, from the MS Zuiderdam, and I going to share a new and fun way to track your photos and the locations that they were taken.  DSC_3584 Fuse

The MS Zuiderdam is just finishing up a 20 Day East Bound reposition cruise through the Panama Canal. Along the way we have stopped a few ports in Mexico. Each port had its own charm and character, however 4 years from now I will be lucky to remember that it was Mexico. 

Using Windows Live Photo Gallery and the Geotag feature we can neatly organize our photos by the places that they were taken. This is just one of the many ways to organize our photos library.

10-10-2011 7-11-01 PM

How to add a “GeoTag”

1. The first thing you need to do is to select the photo that you would like to tag. You can select more than one photo at a time, however lets try and GeoTag one photo first. 10-10-2011 5-37-24 PM


2. The second step is to pull up the GeoTag option. This is done by selecting the GeoTag button which is located under the Organize section of the tool bar Ribbon.

10-10-2011 5-43-01 PM


3. The tagging and information pane appears on the right side of the screen. Then click the “add GeoTag” option. This will provide you a text box to enter the city or town that the photo was taken.

*Please note you will have to have internet access to use this feature.10-10-2011 5-20-25 PM









4. If you ever want to see where that city or town in located on the map,        right click the GeoTag, then select “map it”.

10-10-2011 5-29-56 PM

This will open a new window in Internet Explorer and bring you to Bing Maps. Within a few seconds you are taken from your Phot Gallery to the actual location of the photo.


10-10-2011 5-32-27 PM

There are a lot of new cameras out there that have a built in GPS feature. Please consult your manual to find out if your camera has this feature.

Hope this helps to organize and find your photos that you are looking for.

Over and out,


Photos from the Last Frontier!

2 Oct

Hello everyone, it’s Krista, techspert sailing on the ms Westerdam.  We’re currently sailing toward Hawaii and the French Polynesian Islands, but I’m still reminiscing about the beautiful sights from our Alaska season!  During one of our last cruises to the Last Frontier, I asked guests to submit their photos in hopes of being able to share the best images online with all of you. We received many great submissions, but we had six STUNNING photos shared by 2 of our passengers sailing with us from August 27 – September 3.  Take a look!

Photo by Mr. Ewen Todd, from Okemos, Michigan.  Taken during the Westerdam's Alaskan cruise beginning on August 27, 2011

Mr. Ewen Todd, from Okemos, Michigan, captured this great shot of our beautiful ship at sunset in Juneau.

Photo by Mr. Ewen Todd, from Okemos, Michigan.  Taken during the Westerdam's Alaskan cruise beginning on August 27, 2011

Photo by Mr. Ewen Todd, from Okemos, Michigan.  Taken during the Westerdam's Alaskan cruise beginning on August 27, 2011

Mr. Todd also submitted these photos.  First, another great sunset in Juneau, and beneath that we see beautiful scenery and mist as we cruise through Stephens Passage toward Juneau.

Photo taken by Raleigh Ferdun, from Honolulu, Hawaii. Photo taken during the Westerdam's Alaska Cruise beginning August 27, 2011

Mr. Raleigh Ferdun, who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii, submitted this photo that showcases his photography skill.  Check out that bee that he caught in action inside this beautiful flower!  You might be surprised to see such a colorful flower in Alaska, but it’s true, he shot this image in our second port of call, Sitka.  In the Camera Basics Digital Workshop class we talk about different settings to use in different situations, and for this image, I’m guessing he used his Macro focus.  Want to use it?  Look for an icon of a tulip on the back of your camera.  Press the button, and you should be able to turn macro focus on, then taking a shot like this will be really easy!

Photo by Mr. Ewen Todd, from Okemos, Michigan.  Taken during the Westerdam's Alaskan cruise beginning on August 27, 2011

Another great shot from Mr. Todd (he had so many great ones, I couldn’t pick just one or two!), he caught this on one of our shore excursions, the Sea Otter Wildlife Quest in Sitka.  There are so many chances to see all kinds of wildlife in Alaska, and I’m glad Mr. Todd was able to share this one with us.  Who doesn’t love a great sea otter photo?

Photo taken by Raleigh Ferdun, from Honolulu, Hawaii. Photo taken during the Westerdam's Alaska Cruise beginning August 27, 2011

Our last chosen submission also comes from Mr. Ferdun, and I am absolutely in awe of this photo!  A common sight toward the end of the Alaska season are schools of salmon swimming upstream en masse.  Mr. Ferdun managed to catch them in action in Sitka.  We can see through the water and see the motion of the fish in this photo as well.  Truth be told, I’m not sure how he got this clear of an image, but I’m glad he did, and was able to share it with us!

These guests certainly have great photographic talents, but they didn’t use any expensive or complicated editing software.  Any edits they made on the photos were done with Windows Live Photo Gallery, a program you can download for FREE that will help you edit, organize, and view your photos!  Visit for more info.

I hope you enjoyed the photos that our guests shared with you.  If you’ll be cruising on a HAL ship, be sure to stop by the Digital Workshop.  We’ll show you how to get the most out of your digital camera (without having to carry your manual around with you all the time!) and we’ll also help you learn how to use Windows Live Essentials software to get those photos onto the computer, edit them, put them in a movie or slideshow, and share them with friends and family all over the world!  The best part?  You can download Windows Live Essentials at home for free!  Check it out now at, or if you’ll be cruising with us soon, then stop by the Digital Workshop and learn from your ship’s very own Techspert!

-Techspert Krista, ms Westerdam