Try Landscape Mode!

3 Nov

Cruising with Holland America Line offers you many opportunities to take photos of breathtaking vistas.  Sometimes, however, that amazing view may include objects at different distances away from you.  For example, you might have snowcapped mountains that provide a beautiful backdrop for a a sailboat in the foreground as shown below.

Antarctica Landscape

You may have experienced less than optimal results when taking pictures like this using automatic mode, which tends to wash out the background or overexpose the foreground. For better photos of in situations such as this, you may want to try switching your camera to landscape mode.  It’s perfect anytime you want both the foreground and background of a photo to be in focus.

Once in landscape mode, the camera will automatically choose settings so that areas of interest at different distances in the scene will be captured in focus.  It does this by using a smaller aperture to increase depth of field. A wide angle (short focal length = wide viewing angle) is typical for this type of shot to capture as much of the scene as possible.  Landscape mode is generally found on your Mode Dial or under the SCN dial or menu.

Wherever your travels take you, try your hand at using landscape mode for some great pictures. And to learn more about this and other modes on your camera, come see us in the Holland America Line Digital Workshop Powered by Windows for our “Camera Basics” class!

John Roberts – Techspert – ms Prinsendam 


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