Become a Daily Explorer!

6 Nov

Here’s a nice tip for your next Holland America Line Cruise:

On each day of your voyage you will receive a printed copy of the Explorer that provides listings of all the activities on the ship as well as details about any port of call that you are visiting that day.

So, why not capture this information by taking a picture of the upper half of the the Explorer?

Holland America Line Explorer

This will not only provide you with some history about each city you are visiting but will also document the date, temperature and other relevant information about that particular port of call.  It even gives you the all aboard time, in case you forget!

In addition, this snapshot creates a natural “bookmark” so that when you review your photos you will be reminded of where they were taken.

To gain all of these benefits, simply get in the habit of taking a picture of the Explorer each morning before you start your day.  When doing so, we recommend “macro” or “text” mode for best results.

To learn more about these and other modes on your camera, come see us in the Holland America Line Digital Workshop Powered by Windows for our “Camera Basics” class!

John Roberts – Techspert – ms Prinsendam 


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