Windows Live Photo Gallery paired with Inkubook creates the perfect memoir after the cruise

7 Nov

After your “cruise vacation of a lifetime” adventure polish up your favorite images using Windows Live Photo Gallery and show them off in a stunning photo book. Photo books cleanly and simply showcase the best memories from your cruise without overwhelming the audience with too many photos.

Microsoft designed a site with additional plug-in tools that can add extra features and functions to your favorite Windows Live programs like Live Photo Gallery and Live Movie Maker. A plug-in tool can do such things as upload to Picassa or SmugMug galleries, create a PhotoSynth collage image of your favorite photos, and also create photo books at a company called Inkubook.

Inkubook’s plug-in places the images you select in Windows Live Photo Gallery into one of their templates and then allows you to add captions and rearrange the order of the photos. They have many sizes, layouts and a choice of hard or soft cover books. They frequently offer great coupon deals like buy one get one free for your first book and 30% off by November 8, 2011 for Thanksgiving.

Reviews on the web regarding Inkubook mention great customer service, high quality product, easy to make, arrives quickly for a reasonable price. All that and I can upload directly to Inkubook from the plug-in tool I download free into Windows Live Photo Gallery! What’s not to love?

What are the steps to produce a photo book from Windows Live Gallery and Inkubooks? Great question.

Get the free Inkubook Photo Book Uploader plug-in

Step 1: Open Windows Live Photo Gallery

Step 2: In the menu bar at the top left, click on the “Create” tab

Step 3: In the Ribbon under the word “Create” click on “More tools” and then click “Download more tools”

Step 4: On the website window that pops open choose the category on the left side “Publishing (14)” and click the application link called “Inkubook’s Photo Book Uploader” on the right side of the screen.

Step 5: Click the download button and choose to Run the plug-in installer. It will now setup the tool and be available for use after you restart Windows Live Photo Gallery.


Use the Inkubook Photo Book Uploader

Step 1: Open Windows Live Photo Gallery

Step 2: Select the edited photos from the folder of your choice in your gallery of photo by holding the CTRL button while clicking on each photo.

Step 3: In the “Home” menu ribbon at the top of the screen, look for the “Share” section towards the right end and click on inkubook

Step 4: Select your preferred book size, theme, photo layout, and book title from options across the top of the Inkubook open window.

Step 5: Click the button “Upload to Inkubook & Customize”

Step 6: Sign up for or log in to your Inkubook account on the popup screen

Step 7: Finish editing, adding captions, rearranging your photos, etc. at the website and finish your purchase. Don’t forget to add coupon codes if you have one!


Enjoy your beautiful new photo book in about 1 week.

Just another way that Windows Live adds fun to your photos!


-Trisha the Techspert on the ms Rotterdam





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