Save Your Pictures

14 Nov

All to0 many times in the Digital Workshop I have run across individuals who have at one point or another experienced the loss of photographs. Pictures are some of the most important possessions that we have and losing some by accident can be devastating. Although some of us have heard of these next few tips in the past, I would like to give out a friendly reminder with some tips to ensure that losing photographs will never again happen to you!

The first tip that I always tell normal travelers is to bring a flash drive or a jump drive with them on vacation. All too many times I have run across a passenger that has taken BEAUTIFUL pictures only to lose their camera on the very last day, or they have accidentally re-formatted their card. If you bring a flash drive with you on vacation, you will have the opportunity to transfer your photos every night from your camera to your flash drive in the Digital Workshop. This will also give you the opportunity to edit your pictures and save them to your flash drive while your still on vacation. Then, the work will already be done by the time you get home

Second tip: BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP your pictures on your computer! Setting an automatic backup in your computer allows you to do this without even having to think.

  • In order to set up a an automatic backup, proceed to your Windows Action Center by typing “Action Center” into your Instant Search.
  • Clink on the link to Backup and Restore on the left hand side under See Also.
  • In the Backup section at the top, click on the link to Set up Backup.
  • Select a Backup Destination where the backup will be created. Windows will Automatically show locations that are available. You can back up your files and folders to CD/DVD, external hard drive or a USB flash drive. (My suggestion is to use an external hard drive or a USB flash drive. If you use CD/DVDs, you will end up with many of these and it might start getting cluttered.)
  • Use the default backup setting on the “What do you want to back up?” page. Then, click the Next button. If you want to customize and choose which files or settings you would like to back up, choose the “Let me choose” option.
  • Lastly, choose a scheduled time that you would like to back up your computer. Choose a time you think your computer will be on.

I hope that these tips serve as friendly reminders for all of you out there. Backing up all your data is important, but our pictures are those memories that are priceless and tend to be the most important to us, so be sure to set up some sort of backup method.

Happy sailing!

Techspert Erin



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