I’m feeling Hot Hot Hot!

27 Nov

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and welcome! It’s Techspert Tom here on the wonderful ms Westerdam. Currently we are cruising the Caribbean, both southern and eastern. Seeing gorgeous ports that are native to me. ABC (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) Islands are always a pleasure. San Juan, Grand Turk and St. Marteen are too.  With the pleasure of seeing Half Moon Cay, Holland America’s private island, every week. The sun is shining bright and the weather is nothing but hot!

One feature that I want to highlight within Windows 7 is the Instant Search feature. This feature is always overlooked or most Windows 7 users do not even know that it is there. The Instant Search feature lets you find anything within your computer, whether it’s a document, program, email and much more, instantly!

All you need to do is locate the Instant Search bar, which is located within the Start Menu. Once you start typing what you are looking for, you will see result instantly. With every character you type in, the search refines itself to make the results as accurate as possible. Not only will this instant search feature look for just the file names, folders or programs, it will also search through the content of documents. So if you can’t remember the name of a document, but you remember some of the content located within, start typing in what you remember and check out the results!


I use the instant search feature everyday to find my documents and programs instantly and now I’m sure that you will too!

Thanks and happy cruising!

Techspert Tom

ms Westerdam


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