Aperture and F-Stops? What does it all mean!?

2 Dec

Hello Everyone! This is Techspert Mollie blogging from ms Zuiderdam in Aruba! This is my very first contract and my second week ever working on a cruise ship! I happen to be freelance photographer before I got this job and therefore thought I would write about some advanced photography tips for all of those DSLR owners out there that have no idea about  F-stops, Aperture, and using those fancy lenses. I seem to get quite a few questions about these things during Techspert Time so I think this would be a great place to provide some of this information!


For starters, let’s talk about Aperture. Aperture impacts your Depth of Field in your images, or, another way to put it is the zone that is in focus. This aperture setting is also referred to as an F-Stop and affects the amount of light that is hitting the shutter of your lens. So in a nutshell, Aperture is what dictates how much light goes through your lens.


If your lens is wide open-More light can get through

If your lens is closed in-Less light can get through


Next we have the F-Stops. These are settings of the aperture in our cameras that are expressed in decimal numbers. However, these numbers work in opposite directions from how you may think they should work.


Higher Numbers=Less Light

Low Numbers=More Light


Each aperture has a range of Open to Close, in other words the extremes of completely opened, and completely closed. The in between settings in this range are known as the F-Stops. There are many different types of F-stops that are available on different cameras depending on the lenses used. For example,


a cheaper lens may only have an aperture of f/4 or f4.0, which doesn’t let in much light


a more expensive lens that has an aperture of f/1.6 or f1.6 which lets in more light


Hopefully you have found these tips helpful! Sometimes we buy cameras because they have so many features on them but we never know what they mean or how to use them. Maybe this will help take of the stress of learning about Aperture and F-stops!


Happy Cruising!


Techspert Mollie

Ms Zuiderdam


2 Responses to “Aperture and F-Stops? What does it all mean!?”

  1. doreen sheinman December 8, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    I was on the Panama Canal cruise with you. Took all of your classes and then some!Learned a lot and had good reinforcement of some Windows features I’d been introduced to before.New, was the cloud..
    You were kind, efficient and knowledgeable and are an asset to Holland America.
    Doreen Sheinman (swinging dancer on Lido Deck)!

  2. Marsha Gordon December 9, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    Hi Mollie
    Just got settled after our wonderful Panama Canal Cruise with the Zuiderdam. Wanted to thank you for your classes. We found it most interesting. Wish you had more space. Will be joining Annette and David and Eli for dinner tonight to celebrate Annette’s birthday. Hope you remember us (Larry and Marsha Gordon). I was the one who wore those bikini coverups. If I knew how to attach a picture here I would. I have several cute photos of you. Tell me how and I will attach them. I guess I need your e mail address and then I know how to do it.

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