Windows Live Writer – Polaroid Picture Plug-In

12 Dec
Hello Everyone, this is Elza your Techspert writing from the Digital Workshop on the ms Maasdam in Ft Lauderdale.
For all you crazy blog writers out there the Windows Live Writer is such a great program to use and create your blogs with.
With its added features of being able to upload some plug-ins for the program to make your blog look even more flashy than ever before…who wouldn’t want to use it!?  Smile
I have stumbled upon this new handy little plug-in called the Polaroid Picture.
It is such a great little tool to use to insert your pictures – a little bit of background shadow and you can even add a caption underneath it. Really nice!!


Go to your Insert Tab and select the “Add Plug-in” to the right on your ribbon.

Live Writer Blog Ribbon - Polaroid Plug-In_0

This will launch your internet browser and take you straight to the download page for this plug-in. Just click on the “Polaroid Picture” to download the plug-in and install.

Live Writer Blog Ribbon - Polaroid Plug-In_4

Once you’ve managed to install this plug-in it, will appear on your Ribbon – Insert Tab

Live Writer Blog Ribbon - Polaroid Plug-In


When you are ready to insert an image into your blog, go to the Insert Tab and select the Polaroid Picture Icon in the Plug-ins section.
The program will let you browse for your image on your computer. Select your image and insert it.
On your right hand side you will notice an editing column will appear for your image.

Live Writer Blog Ribbon - Polaroid Plug-In_1

You can change the size of your image, add your caption and make your caption display. Make sure you have that check box selected next to “Show Captionif you want the caption to show up underneath your photo. You can even Tilt your image for some effect and add some style which will put some album corners on your picture.

Live Writer Blog Ribbon - Polaroid Plug-In_2


Live Writer Blog Ribbon - Polaroid Plug-In_3
Hope you enjoy this feature as much as I am.  Happy Blog Writing!!


Elza Visser | Techspert
ms Maasdam

2 Responses to “Windows Live Writer – Polaroid Picture Plug-In”

  1. Guy Marion December 13, 2011 at 7:52 am #

    Basic question. What’s the Insert Tab?

  2. Luis March 17, 2015 at 10:56 am #

    I wished I could find the polaroid picture plugin here, instead of how to install it. 😦

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