Use Photo Fuse as a Tourist Remover!

28 Dec

How many times have you framed up the perfect photograph, only to have a random person walk right in the middle of your shot? It can be so frustrating!

Today I’m going to tell you about how you can use Windows Live Photo Gallery’s amazing Photo Fuse feature to remove people from your photographs!

All you need is at least two photographs – it doesn’t matter if you have people in both of them, just as long as you have more than one picture. Check out these photos…


To remove the woman, just open Windows Live Photo Gallery, select both photographs and click Photo Fuse. The program automatically lines up the photographs, and when it’s finished, all I have to do is draw a box around the person I want to remove. Windows Live Photo Gallery asks which version of the photo I like best: the one where someone is in it, or the one where someone is not.


Choose the one without a person and presto: a photograph with no one in it! Amazing!


This is Techspert Chase, on the Holland America Line Prinsendam, signing off, wishing you many tourist-free photographs!


2 Responses to “Use Photo Fuse as a Tourist Remover!”

  1. Richard Crooks June 22, 2014 at 9:12 am #

    Can somebody help me? I attended several of the digital workshops on the Zandam, and learned a lot. I have Windows 8, and at the workshop, was told to download the Photo Gallery app to do the panoramic and fuse and all, as a free download. But when I went to the Microsoft store, I couldn’t figure out where it was, or what it was called there, because there were lots of things using the term “Photo Gallery.” Can someone direct me to the correct app, either by link address or exact title to download? Thanks, for the help, and for the workshop!


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    […] tool in Windows Photo Gallery.  There are some great things you can do with this tool, including removing people from images or crafting creative, dynamic photos by combining color and black-and-white photography.  But what […]

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