SkyDrive Calendar

5 Jan

After reading several posts and attending may of the Holland America Digital Workshop classes you have probably heard SkyDrive mentioned several times. The benefits that are always mentioned are storing your photos and backing them up so you never lose them. Which are very important benefits that  you should take advantage of, however there are a few other ones that aren’t as dominate but that are worth mentioning.

If you use the Windows Live SkyDrive there is a feature included which I find extremely useful. The SkyDrive provides the ability to create calendars which you can either keep for your own personal use or share them with family and friends. For example my family, like most of yours, are all very busy with their own schedules and agendas. Trying to get together throughout the year is always a struggle. It’s hard to know what is the most convenient time for everyone. The Windows Live SkyDrive makes that a whole lot easier. Here’s how!

First my family all signed up and created a Windows Live SkyDrive account. Once you create your account and you sign in the next step is to create your calendar and share it with your family and friends. Here are a few quick and easy steps you can follow

1. After signing in move you cursor over the “Hotmail” icon on the top of your screen. A pop down menu will open up and you will see the option “Calender” come down. Select on that.

2. Once you open up your calendar page then go ahead and select on the “Add New Calender” option on the left-hand side of your screen.

3. You should then see a page like the one below load onto your screen

4. Then proceed to fill out the information that it asks for ( name of calendar, description, color, sharing, etc)

5. While you are filling out the information you can select on the “Edit Sharing” option and add those individuals email address’ with whom you would like to share with.

Once your Calendar is created you can always go back and add or remove people with whom you would like to share with. You can always go back and add more things or simply delete the Calendar in total if you ever wanted to .

Adding your own personal calendar, family calendar, work, friends, birthdays, “whatever you would like” calendar onto your SkyDrive you will be able to stay up to date with other people’s lives as well as your own!!

SkyDrive has many other features as well, this is just one that I found very useful in my everyday life and I hope you will as well!!

Techspert Erin

MS Statendam


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