HOTMAIL – Do you know your way around?

10 Jan

Writing from the ms Maasdam here in the Caribbean port, Phillipsburg in St. Maarten – I’m your Techspert Elza.

Many of us have a Hotmail email account but how many really knows what this email account has to offer?!

Along with the benefits of using your Hotmail email account for emailing, instant messaging etc…… You can use your Hotmail email account in conjunction with the Windows Live Essentials 2011 software that is 100% free to download from

However, let’s have a look and see what Hotmail has to offer on a different note in the Inbox.

For one you get an email account completely free with one very easy signup procedure. As an added bonus you even get some free storage space online which is known as the Skydrive (Cloud) with a current allocated space of 25GB. Very exciting, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.


What does it allow us to do?!

· Be organized – create folders

· Create Rules to manage our emails

· Categorize our emails

· Quick views for quick access to certain information

· Calendars – create multiple calendars and share them with friends, family and co-workers.

· Skydrive – create and organise files and folders

· Skydrive – share files, folders and images

Well I think that in itself is already more than enough to convince me that this is a great product a lot more than just the usual. However, I want to get a closer look at all these features.

Let’s start.

To begin with, let’s sign up and in to our new account which we will refer to now as our “Windows Live ID” The page to go to:


Once we are logged into our email account there are some great features within Hotmail that you can use to keep yourself organized. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

In our inbox we have a very simple menu layout with a few dropdown options.


Now one of the features that caught my eye was the “Sweep” option. When I selected this, I discovered a few great organizing tools on the menu. Definitely no excuse not to be organized with your emails!


One of the two things that stood out for me here was the “Schedule Cleanup” and “Manage Rules” option.


Schedule Cleanup will allow you to keep all the most important and or latest emails from a sender and or delete an old message that is just taking up unnecessary space in your inbox. You could even ask this tool to move messages to a folder once older than a certain amount of days.



Manage rules is another great way to be organized within your email account. You can create these little rules so that certain incoming mail could be redirected to a specific folder that you want to file them in.


Click the “New” button and the following window should appear on your screen.


Once you’ve made your choice as to what you would like to do with these incoming mail, just click on the save button and you are ready to go.


Of course if that is not enough we can even categorize our emails.

Select the emails you want to apply a category to. We already have some general categories in place, however you do have the option to create new ones and manage them.


Select “Manage Categories


Select “New Category” and give your category the desired name you want.  Check the box at the bottom to display this in the columns in your inbox.


Once you’ve started assigning these categories to your incoming mail you will find on your left one of the sections will be “Quick views”. Easier than this it cannot get – just a single click on one of these categories and you will see all your emails listed in a jiffy related to that category.



Of course none of the above would really matter if you did not have the ability or option to create folders to place your emails in. Select the “Move to” dropdown menu and select “New folder” at the bottom of the list. Give your folder a name and really even though I want to write more on this that is all there is to it.


Now I do believe I also mentioned the Skydrive when I started my blog. This is even better and more exciting than what I’ve just shared with you. However, all good things has to come to an end here but please keep watching the space for more on these exciting features that is on offer for you to use by Microsoft and no better deal than it being all for FREE.

Happy blog reading until next time! Winking smile

Your Techspert

Elza Visser

ms Maasdam


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