Taking better pictures by taking MORE pictures

1 Feb

How many times have you tried capturing a moment with your digital camera, but it happened too quickly? This seems to be a common occurance amoungst people worldwide.

Maybe a whale was breaching during your sail away from Cabo San Lucas and all you got was a picture showing a beautiful splash. Maybe the grandkids move too fast to take a decent shot. Or, maybe your children are running a race and the one picture you take is of the back of their heads as they dash past your seat.

There’s a solution that can help fix this problem.

Continuous shooting (a.k.a. burst setting) will allow you to take pictures in rapid succession on your digital camera. When this setting is active all you have to do is hold down the shutter button and your camera will continue to take pictures. How many pictures and how fast the pictures can be taken will depend on the individual camera and the memory card in the camera. Some cameras only allow you to take three shots at a time, while others increase this limit to ten; most cameras, however, have no limit on the amount of pictures it will take as long as the shutter button is held down.

Check out your digital camera for a setting, mode, and/or button that looks like three rectangles stacked ontop of one another. Note: on most digital cameras, the continuous shooting setting cannot be active while in the regular automatic mode; try switching your camera to a scene such as “Sports/Action” or “Kids & Pets” or to the “P” mode first.


Be sure to play around with all the modes and settings on your camera to fully understand all that it can offer. Enjoy snapping!

Craig Louis
ms Eurodam



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