Additional New Features in Sky Drive

13 Feb

Here is another useful new feature in SkyDrive. Its called “arrange photos” and it works like this;

Open up your SkyDrive account by going to “” and typing in your windows live login ID and Password.

Skydrive signin snip

Next, go to the “photos” section of your SkyDrive account and open up the folder you wish to re-arrange. You will notice that the picture of “Cadiz” is not in the first position as I would like it to be. So I will left click on the word “arrange” in the upper right hand side of the picture.

Skydrive arrange snip 1

Now I can simply left click and drag my photos to the desired positions and then “save” my folder’s pictures in the order that tells my story in the best way possible.

Skydrive arrange snip 2

With each new revision, the Windows Live family of software gets even more useful and fun. Hope that you enjoy these new features of Skydive.


For the Holland America Digital Workshop Powered by windows, I am

Frank Barcelona Techspert MS Oosterdam


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