Duplicates, Be Gone!

23 Feb

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a terrific, free program you can use to manage, edit and share your photos and videos. It’s also really easy to import them from your camera or phone with Photo Gallery.

The import process allows you to break out a large group of photos into smaller, more manageable-sized groups, based on when they were taken. That’s why it’s practical to make sure the time and date in your camera are always set correctly.

When you import photos, Photo Gallery gives you the option to erase the pictures off the memory card. That’s not a bad idea, because your photos will now live on your computer so you can free up the space on the memory card for new photos.

If you choose to leave the photos on the memory card, put it back in the camera, take new photos and then run Photo Gallery’s import process again, Photo Gallery is smart enough to know which are the new photos and will not ask you about importing the old ones. This is a very handy feature and helps you avoid ending up with duplicates on your computer.

However, when managing your gallery or while importing photos to your computer, you sometimes may inadvertently end up with duplicates. But, fear not. There’s a nifty free program you can download called Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder that’s really free, really safe and really finds duplicates. I’ve tried it myself, and it does precisely what it should do. You can scan multiple folders at once and then decide what to do with the duplicates that it finds. Click here to go to the download site.

John Busey
ms Ryndam


2 Responses to “Duplicates, Be Gone!”

  1. Mary Lou Watts-Smith February 24, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

    While downloading Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder I mistakenly downloaded Yahoo Search Engine and I don’t want it. I went to Add/Remove Programs and removed all Yahoo programs but I still can’t get rid of it. Can you help me?

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