The Raspberry Awards Aboard the MS Prinsendam

29 Feb

Hello all you out there.  We just wraped up production on the Oscar spoof awards called the Raspberry Awards here on the Prinsendam somewhere in the Amazon River!  Myself and the Digital Workshop helped in part with this production by doing a bit different kind of Photo Competition to be included in the awards show.  Normally we go for your best shot….  Well on a trip as amazing as the Grand Voyage of South America we though… Well great shots are easy.  Lets go for unique!!!  And it really did lead to some fantastic images being submitted.  Below I thought I would give you a chance to look at some of the best images that were submitted!  Enjoy.  BTW – The winner Rosemarie Szalich is the big one first up!!

Will Bossen – Techspert MS Prinsendam


 Rosemarie Szalich- Rm 458- Jellyfish jamboree

This is the Winner: Rosemarie!!


Runner up 1: Keith Roy

Beryl Jacobson 127

Runner up 2: Beryl Jacobson

John Crook 470JoAnne Orndorff 14Robert Murnane164Paul Rankin 347Marcel Villeneuve rm 511Chao Teng  158Patricia Moir 446Philp Szalich-Rm 458-Trawler10X8 VALPARAISO,CHILE Port ( DON ARPIN Rm. 058) (Reflections)Tina Lee 397Marion_Brown_153Nancy Teng  158Kay Collins 030Ann Crook 470norbertweber226Jeff Gentry Cabin 121Theodore Watson 166Joan Murnane 164SR 267 Ann SchultzAnneke Koorn cabin 053John_Mahler_447carolweber226Marianne Villeneuve rm 511SR 267 Ron SchultzKurt Soldenhoff 034Ken Nadler 408Dale  Graham 407Ellen Stokes 305


One Response to “The Raspberry Awards Aboard the MS Prinsendam”

  1. Judy March 1, 2012 at 9:56 am #

    YES…Terrific, shots I might of taken on anyone of my cruises…Judy

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