Taking Panoramic photos to the next level using Microsoft Photosynth.

4 Mar

Hello this is Aiden, checking in from the wonderful MS Volendam. We are currently sailing in the south pacific and are enjoying some great weather as well as some great ports of call. MSVODM

If you are reading this blog, chances are you have cruised with Holland America Line and have attended one of the workshops in the HAL Digital Workshop.  One of the items we cover is how to take Panoramic pictures using any camera and the Windows live Photo Gallery Stitching Feature.

What I would like to talk about is how to take those Panoramic 2 dimensional images and turn them in to an interactive  3Dimensional experience.


Here is a panoramic shot from the Ports of Call Plaques. Using the Stitching feature you can capture all of the plaques in one shot. However, what if you would like to read these? Or check them out from the other side of the hall?

DSC_6959 Stitch



However what if you would like to read these? Or check them out from the other side of the hall?

Photosynth in action

Here is how we get started

First you need to download Photosynth by clicking the link below or you can  Open Windows live Photo Gallery. You will find it under the create tab.

Click here to download Photosynth


Once you have downloaded the program it is time to start snapping some pictures. The trick to taking photos that will work well with the Photosynth program is to overlap, but unlike the panoramic feature you want to change your perspective. b looggggg

Once you have the photos you will need to open Photosynth and select the photos that you would like to use. I have found that dragging them from WLPG( Windows live Photo Gallery) works best.



1) Enter in a name for the project

2)Add photos

3) Let the Magic Begin. BLOGGGG

Depending on your Internet Connection, the uploading could take a few Minutes. Trust me, the results are worth the wait.

Check out some of the work of others at http://photosynth.net/


I hope this keeps you busy for a while,

Over and out,



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