Black, White and Colored Photos with Photo Gallery

12 Mar

Hi Folks,

     Kristin here, reporting live from the Zaandam ported in Sihanoukville, Cambodia wanting to share with you a little trick that Windows Live Photo Gallery allows you to play with.  We’ve all seen these lovely pictures that photographers take with fancy cameras that allows you to play with coloring filters that will make you pictures be black and white but leave a few things in color. However, Windows Live Photo Gallery allows us to be able to this without messing with any of our camera settings. Using the photo fuse feature in the Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 we can be able to accomplish this same feat.

When you have a photo that you want to use to create a black, white and color, the first thing that you must do is to make a copy of the photo and convert it into black by following the directions listed below.

First thing is to take a colored picture.


Make a copy of this picture and turn it into a black and white using the black and white effects you will find in the top of your ribbon


You must now Fuse these two pictures together. First select the two pictures by holding down the control key on the keyboard and then click on the two pictures while holding down the control key.


Then select the Photo Fuse Option


You Will then get your base picture (below)


You then need start creating squares around the objects you want to be in color. (In my case the lanterns)


When it asks you which you do like best select the colored option. And it will return that object to its original color.


And then you continue on with the other objects.


Eventually you will end up with a truly stunning and unique photograph.


Well that’s all from me today folks. Hope you enjoy this little tip and happy picture taking!

Cheers from the Zaandam,



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