Using Windows Apps on any Internet Enabled Device

15 Mar

SkyDrive allows internet users to create documents and presentations on the internet with a light version of Microsoft Office for free! Even if you have an android based tablet, smart phone or an Ipad or IPhone, you can use the power of Word, Excel and Power Point to create and share projects, documents and pictures with anyone – anywhere. Simply go to  and sign up for a free account.

skydrive snip 1

Then click on any of the included Windows Apps, (see below)

skydrive snip 2

Next Create your document by naming it and filling in the text you wish to use.

skydrive snip 3

Fill  out your document and save it to your SkyDrive Account;

SkyDrive Snip 4

Next Click on the Share button to send this file to someone’s email (this is an invitation only, so the email size is very small. They can then download or even work on the document with you (if you give them permission).

skydrive snip 5

You can ever send your recipient a message along with the file you wish to share.

skydrive snip 6

So now you know how to create Microsoft Office documents, spread sheets, and presentations with any internet enabled PC, Tablet, Phone or E-reader. Its easy and a great tool to use while traveling. Try it when you get a chance.

For the Holland America Digital Workshop, powered by Windows, I am

Frank Barcelona Techspert Zuiderdam


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