Get Out Of My Shot!

26 Mar

Hi Everyone,


Rob here from the Eurodam in the sunny Caribbean!  I’m here to help you all with something we all thought only the top digital artists in the world could do, remove someone from a photograph.  We’ve all be there, found the perfect shot you take a few moments to compose the picture when all of a sudden everyone in the area starts to walk into your picture.


With a few simple steps I can show you how to completely remove these people from your photographs using the Photo Fuse option in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Here I have a picture taken in our Explorations Cafe onboard the Eurodam:


There are people everywhere and I don’t want to come back at a different time to retake the shot, so I simply let everyone move around and keep snapping away.  Now the idea is I am going to have a handful of pictures of the same shot but people are going to be in different places every time.  The Photo Fuse function will allow me stick together my photographs and choose the part part from each photo to make my perfect picture.  All I have to do is select the person I want to remove and replace the area from another photgraph when no one was there!

So first of all open up Windows Live Photo Gallery, select your photographs and click Photo Fuse under the create tab.




Next select to person to remove:




From the “Which do you like best” window scroll through the options untill to find a photograph with nobody in that area and select it:




And just like that they disappear!


Just remember aslong as you take a picture when no one is there, you can composite all your photographs together and fuse people out of your shot!  Soon enough you will have a picture with no one ruining it.




For more information on photo fusing consult our Creative Photo Editing handout.


Good luck taking people free shots!








2 Responses to “Get Out Of My Shot!”

  1. Cindy King April 8, 2012 at 7:40 pm #

    Thanks for the great classes and tech help Rob! My husband and I just got back from our vacation. The vacation that you saved! Thanks so much for your expertise and willingness to help. I heard so many people comment on how the Windows classes were the highlight of the cruise! Keep up the great work!

  2. Virginia Brewer April 9, 2012 at 12:57 pm #

    I love this. Sure hope I can learn more while I am on my cruse.

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