It’s OK to play with your camera settings!

6 Apr

When you walk into a store these days, there are so many different kinds of cameras that are sitting there waiting for you to purchase. And then when you FINALLY decide which one to get, based on price and information provided by the sales associate, you get home open the box and now you get a manual on a disk, not actually in a pamphlet book anymore. The information they do give you is so hard to understand and so hard to follow that you give up trying to go through all the information and you decide that you will just keep your camera in AUTO mode because that’s all you feel comfortable leaving it on!

Playing with your camera and learning about it is OK, and it is good to do. I recommend  going through your settings on days when you don’t need to take a picture “right here right now”. What happens a lot of time is that people tend to buy new cameras and only use them on vacation or special events, otherwise that camera is left in the box or drawer until the next big event when you need to pull it out.

Instead of having to read through that long complicated manual here are a few very basic tips to know

First your Auto mode is a great all purpose setting to leave it on, but you bought a nice camera it is nice to at least be able to understand some settings and when you would want to use them

Going around the wheel,  The first Green Box icon is your Auto mode

The next icon underneath that is the Portrait Mode this is useful when you want to take pictures of subjects in focus and it will blur the background. This is a good setting to switch to when you want to take clear focused picture of your grandkids or of a couple at a wedding

The Next Icon under that looks like a mountain with a cloud over it. is also known as your Landscape Mode. This is a great setting to switch to when you want both foreground and distant objects in focus. Great for scenery pictures , of mountains, forests, beaches, glaciers etc.

The Flower icon, known as Macro Mode is very useful for taking pictures of small tiny details of small objects, such as flowers, rings , stamps, coins, insect , etc. If you like to visit botanical gardens, this is definitely a setting you should know!

The Running Man icon is known as Sports Mode. This is for taking pictures of fast moving objects. If you take pictures of sporting events or of dolphins in the Caribbean or of whales in Alaska, this is a great setting for you to know and use!

You will find other settings on your camera that are useful to use as well, but My suggestion would be to pick the top 4 settings and know how to switch to them quickly, because if you know how to do it quickly you will ACTUALLY use these them. When you are comfortable with these 4, then I would suggest finding and learning about the other settings. If you try learning them all at once it might get too overwhelming.

Have fun with your digital camera! Play with it, Practice with it, Learn more about it.  The more you play with it the more you will discover!

Have fun taking discovering your camera!!

Techspert Erin-

Ms Oosterdam


2 Responses to “It’s OK to play with your camera settings!”

  1. haldigitalworkshop April 6, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

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  2. Fran Stevens April 6, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

    Good article on camera settings as I am lazy about changing settings.

    Thanks for all the good articles you email!

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