Document your vacation with Panoramas!

11 Apr


 DSC02041 Stitch

DSC01991 StitchDSC02062 Stitch
DSC02086 Stitch
DSC02150 Stitch
DSC02163 Stitch
DSC02173 Stitch

DSC02228 Stitch

DSC02250 Stitch

DSC02255 Stitch

DSC02305 Stitch

DSC02335 Stitch

DSC02373 Stitch

DSC02390 Stitch

DSC02428 Stitch

DSC02431 StitchDSC02491 Stitch

DSC02563 Stitch

DSC02569 Stitch

DSC02595 Stitch

DSC02608 Stitch

DSC02615 Stitch

DSC02650 Stitch

DSC02659 Stitch

DSC02739 Stitch

DSC02769 Stitch

DSC02787 Stitch

DSC02833 StitchDSC02916 Stitch

DSC02958 Stitch

DSC02974 Stitch

DSC02985 Stitch

DSC02990 Stitch

DSC03107 Stitch

DSC03121 Stitch

DSC03163 Stitch

DSC03338 Stitch

DSC03354 - Copy Stitch

These panoramic photos were created in the free program, “Windows Live Photo Gallery” which can be downloaded at:

Rotterdam Techspert – Trevor

Lets get digi with it

2 Responses to “Document your vacation with Panoramas!”

  1. Susanne Bennett April 12, 2012 at 5:24 am #

    Great pictures…thanks for sharing!

  2. condomble April 12, 2012 at 7:12 am #

    I take a few panoramas now and then but the idea of documenting the whole trip with them is a great one and the jagged edges too make the panoramas more interesting..
    Great work, Nicole!

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