Using Tags More Effectively

26 Apr

Descriptive Tags are a great way of organizing your photos, but quite underused. This organizing technique is a way to digitally label your photos so you can find them at a later date. Have you ever asked yourself, “I wish I could see all my photos of _______?” The most common of theblankstends to be things like ‘sunsets’ or ‘flowers’ or cities you may have visited around the world. If you have placed a Descriptive Tag on those pictures, a simple search on your computer for that word will bring up all those pictures.

A simple program to use to add Descriptive Tags to a photo is Windows Live Photo Gallery. With you Tag and Information Panel active on the right side of the screen, simply click on ‘Add Descriptive Tag’.

What you may consider doing is organizing your Descriptive Tags, which can be done very similar to the way we’d organize folders. On the ‘Home’ tab’s ribbon, you’ll notice a button that says ‘Descriptive Tag’. If you click on the words (instead of the icon) a drop-down list will appear with the option ‘Manage Tags’. This brings up a separate window where you can organize your Descriptive Tags by adding a new one or by dragging and dropping one tag onto another (just like you may have multiple sub-folders inside of a parent folder creating a tree).

For example, I have a Descriptive Tag that says ‘Places’ and inside it are the seven continents, and inside of those folders are the countries I’ve visited on those continents and then the cities are inside those. It’s a nice way to organize because I can then search my computer for any of the wordstreeand it will pick up all those pictures. If I was looking for pictures from Vancouver, I’d be able to search for the word ‘Vancouver’ or ‘Canada’ or even ‘North America’ to find what I’m looking for.

Try making your own Descriptive Tag tree to see just how easy it is to find what you’re looking for later on!

Craig Louis
Techspert on the ms Volendam as we cross the Pacific, heading to Vancouver…


3 Responses to “Using Tags More Effectively”

  1. KathleenWagner May 1, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    Craig – after I scan a picture how can I re-name it? This option used to be in a pop-up box.

    • Man And Van Battersea June 11, 2012 at 2:22 pm #

      yes you can always rename your pic anytime. Onceu have scanned and saved the pic, you can go to the folder where it is saved, right click on it and select rename option and just name it as per your requirements.


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