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Photo Contest in Alaska!

28 Jun

Hello everyone! This is Scott chiming in from the beautiful MS Zaandam! We are currently exploring ‘the last frontier’, Alaska! While traveling throughout this gorgeous scenery, I hope we have our cameras ready! Our ship is currently hosting a photo contest in coordination with our photography department. Two different categories: Wild Alaska, and Stitched Panoramas! Let us use the skills we learned here in the Digital Workshop to edit, stich, create and save our photos! We are encouraging everyone to take advantage of “Techspert Time” to stop by the Digital Workshop where we will assist with transferring your photos to the computer and then using Windows Live Photo Gallery to edit, retouch, and create beautiful works of Art! Use fun effects to make your photo look Black and White or apply a Sepia Tone to get a rustic look, giving you an artistic upper hand in the photo contest! We’ve seen some beautiful photographs that have been edited using Windows Live Photo Gallery! See you during Techspert Time!



Glacier Bay National Park panorama. (Using Windows Live Photo Gallery)



New Look Westerdam!

24 Jun

Hey there everyone, I’m writing to you from onboard our beautiful MS Westerdam en route to Alaska, which would normally make for a typical week onboard this lovely vessel. The exception to that of course, is the fact that I’m writing to you from our newly renovated Digital Workshop!

Equipped with suede walls, bold colors, beautiful signage and pictures, and new furniture for sitting (!!!!), we’re quite proud of our newest addition to the fleet. More importantly though than colors and pictures, our room now accommodates four more PC stations. This means you, our passenger, may only have to show up 30 minutes early instead of 35 🙂

To anyone sailing on the Westerdam in the current future, I urge you to come check out the room and say hello, take a workshop (still complementary of course), and be sure to give the walls a feel.

-Will Stockert

MS Westerdam (with Techspert Tony)

Get Wild With Two Windows

13 Jun

two windows blog

You can be twice as productive with two windows!

Windows 7 has perfected this feature.

Whether it’s two of the same windows opened or two different windows opened at the same time, the options are limitless!

You can comparison shop, cross analyze documents, copy and paste and drag and drop from one window to the next.

I’ll show you how to open two windows and have them equally share 50% of your screen. Then I’ll show you some great ways to use two windows!

Lets get digi with it

We’ll work with two Microsoft Word documents.

Window number one
First, open up a new Microsoft Word Document.


On the bottom of the screen you will see a long horizontal bar.
This is the “Taskbar”.

Here, the icon for Microsoft Word will show up highlighted.

Window Number two
To open up another new Word document . . .


. . . “right-click” with your mouse on the Word icon in the taskbar.
A “Jump List” will pop up above the Word icon.

– In the jump list, make a “left click” on “Microsoft Word.”

You now have two Microsoft Word documents open BUT you can only see one of them because the other window is behind the one
you’re currently looking at.


This is where Windows 7 “Snap” comes into play!

Here’s how it works:

On the top of every window, every app, and every program there’s
a long horizontal bar called the “Title Bar”.

The title bar acts like a handle that you can grab onto so you can move the window, arrange and switch between windows.

Move your pointer over the title bar and then hold the
mouse button down.

While you’re holding the mouse button down on the title bar,
drag the mouse.

The window you’re dragging becomes smaller.


Drag the window towards one side of the screen until the pointer touches the edge of the screen.clip_image010

Pointer touches left side of screen

Now, you can see some of the window behind the one you just moved, but not all of it!clip_image013

We now need to snap the other window
to the other side of the screen.

Move your pointer over the title bar of the other window and then hold the mouse button down.clip_image015
While you’re holding the mouse button down on the title bar,
drag the window toward the other side of the screen until the pointer touches the edge of the screen.


   Once the pointer touches the edge of the screen,
let go of the mouse.
This will fill the other 50% of your computer screen with the
second window you just “snapped”.

Two Windows! It’s a beautiful thing!clip_image018

Now, what can be done with two windows?


What can you do

The possibilities are endless!

What can YOU do with two windows

Veendam – Techspert Trevor

Lets get digi with it

A day in the life of a Techspert!

1 Jun

Hello folllowers. Techspert Tom here on the fabulous ms Noordam! I have been on this ship since May 2 and took the ship across the pond from Ft. Lauderdale to the Mediterranean. Currently, I am in Barcelona, Spain. I have to say, this is one of my new favorite places to be.

When I was discussing to a fellow shipmate, Simon about what I should blog about, he came up with the brilliant idea to create a movie. I took that idea and twisted it and this is what I did. Many guests ask me what I do on the ship throughout the day, well now you can find out. For one day at sea, I wore a camera on my head.


The camera used is called “GoPro” and there are many different encasings you can purchase for the camera. I used the head strap. It worked out very well. It was quite the experience, not only did I get a lot of weird looks and laughs from guests, I also got to advertise my classes, especially the “Making Movies” class. This movie was created using Windows Live Movie Maker. Hope you like it!

A day in the life of Techspert Tom

As you can see, with Windows Live Movie Maker, you can create movies with both still pictures and videos you record as well. There are some basic editing tools when looking into video. You can Trim, Split, Set Start Point, and Set End Point. Once you input videos, these editing tools are located within the “Edit” tab. Check it out.

Here are just a few more pictures of me throughout the day.CIMG3791CIMG3792CIMG3802CIMG3803 (2)CIMG3806DSC_0048

Hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all the best. Happy Cruising.


Techspert Tom

ms Noordam