Sitka Alaska- Raptor Center

19 Jul

During this summer season MANY of Holland America ships are exploring the wonderful state of Alaska. As I finish up my contract on the Oosterdam I decided to explore some unique sites in Sitka. Although many of us may have been to Sitka before, some may not have had the opportunity to visit the animal habits that are here. The Raptor Center is one of the best places to visit and explore .

Now some may have heard of the bird rehabilitation center better known as the Raptor Center but some of us may not have known that Holland America Line helped get the facility started. The company supported them from the beginning and helped fund them in order to rescue and help rehabilitate the birds to give them the best chance at being released back into the wild. They even named one of the bald eagles Hally, after Holland America Line aka HAL!

Here are a few pictures I took and edited with the Windows Live Photo Gallery.




It was an interesting experience and fun to see the effort that Holland America Line put in , and the difference that it made!


Techspert Erin

Ms Oosterdam


2 Responses to “Sitka Alaska- Raptor Center”

  1. Heidi July 22, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    My first trip to Sitka was so memorable! I’ve been back there since and I’m headed there in a few weeks again. I was wondering if it was worth going up to the center. Thank you!

  2. Roz July 23, 2012 at 5:44 am #

    I remember going to the Sitka Alaska Raptor Center on my first HAL Cruise several years ago. It was fantastic to sit right in the front row and center during the educational demo/visit with Volta, their big male Bald Eagle. Magnificent. They were still working on the large flight facility to expand their rehabilitation capabilities. I recommend that excursion to anyone who is interested in wildlife preservation and birds.

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