Windows is for everyone!

6 Aug


These workshops are usually held very late at night when most of the hard working crew members are done with their jobs.

Crew DW
Our staff and crew include officers, room stewards, medical teams, entertainers, cooks, chefs, beauty technicians, a cruise director staff and much more! They all like to get digi with it!


Whether they’re from Indonesia, Philippians, Holland, Russia, Canada, India, Australia, South Africa or USA . . . . one thing that we can all easily understand is the Windows operating system and the free, user-friendly programs
Microsoft has to offer.


While our team is often far away from their homes, they feel closer to their families with the tools that the Digital Workshop and Microsoft has to offer.

They take camera classes so they can document pictures of their travels.

They take photo editing classes using “Windows Live Photo Gallery” to get the photos from their cameras to their computers and then enhance
their photos.

They share their photos with a Photo Email using “Windows Live Mail” or upload photos to “SkyDrive” to share them on the web!

They create movies with their photos, videos and music in “Windows Live Movie Maker” then send them up to You Tube or Facebook for friends and family to see.

They feel closer to their loved ones with instant messaging and web cam chats where they can hear each other and see each other using
“Windows Live Messenger”.

They stay safe and sound with PC Security classes and become more familiar with their operating systems with the Windows 7 classes.

To download these amazing Windows products go to:

As a Holland America Line Techspert, introducing the world of Windows to the staff and crew has been a very rewarding experience.

Because of Microsoft’s Windows, we are all not so different and not so far away from our families after all.

At Holland America Line

– Techspert Trevor


2 Responses to “Windows is for everyone!”

  1. doreen sheinman August 6, 2012 at 12:01 pm #

    How thoughtful! I insisted my friend and I take a second HA cruise rather than another line because of the computer lab-last time I had Mollie-a gem!

    • haldigitalworkshop October 3, 2012 at 11:45 am #

      Thanks again Doreen! Yep, Mollie is fantastic for sure!

      -Digital Workshop Team

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