Which cable goes where?

14 Sep

Hi there folks! Kristin here on the beautiful Prinsendam currently ported in Cadiz, Spain. Today I want to talk about cables because I always have many guests coming into the Digital Workshop and ask me things like, "What do you use this plug for?" or "What goes into this plug?" So here are a few examples of some of the most common types of plugs and their uses that you can find that also will connect other devices, such as mobiles devices and other electronic gadgets.

USB Cables and Connectors                  

   image               image

USB Cables can connect flash drives (also known to some as jump drives or memory sticks), external hard drives to the computers, along with other portable media players (external DVD players), internet modems,e-readers, digital cameras and camcorders.

Other types of computers hardware and accessories can also be connected via a USB cable like a mouse, webcam, keyboard, microphone, printers, scanners and speakers.

These cables also have the ability to charge a variety of electronic gadgets and can also transfer information from one computer to another using an usb transfer cable which is a cable with a USB on each end of the cable

There are also other types of USB cables that have one end as a USB cable and the other end has a different shape (most commonly a USB-B) which is a square connector most commonly used for external devices like hard drives, printers or scanners).  There are also smaller connectors that will connect devices such as phones or cameras which are Mini-USB and Micro-USB




Video Cables

I always have guests ask me how they can connect their computer to there Television and using a VGA cable is the most common way to connect to a high definition TV.  One end connects with you computer and the other end will connect to your TV or projector.




If you have purchased a computer in the recent past there is a chance that you might have a DVI port instead of an VGA port.  Many of the newer ultra books (very thin computers) use this type of port. 




HDMI cables


HDMI cables provide you with both visual and audio transmission through a single cable, instead of having to hook up both a video cable and an audio cable.




Ethernet cable


An Ethernet cable connects you to the internet via a wired connection.  I have found many hotels around the world still use this type of cable and sometimes they charge you for one if you didn’t bring one with you so I always keep a spare in my laptop case.




I hope this information will be helpful for you down the road and remember to always stop by the Digital Workshop when you come to cruise with us on Holland America!


Cheers from the Prinsendam,




2 Responses to “Which cable goes where?”

  1. Maggie September 14, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    That was very very helpful. Thanhks!!

  2. Shenita Furrow February 18, 2013 at 10:41 am #

    Every single person that owns such a smart phone will need an iphone USB cable. Contrary to popular belief, this is necessary besides the regular dock station that you use. Most stations are only usable for charging the batter of the iphone and you will want to have a device that allows you to connect the phone to a USB plug. A universal dock that also includes a cable connect option is great but there are not many on the market. Most people will end up using USB cables. The problem is that there are too many options to not feel a little overwhelmed. ,

    My current blog

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