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A First look at the Microsoft Surface.

27 Nov

Hello from the Ms. Volendam. I have just received a new Surface Tablet. This device operates on the Windows  R/T system and has a keyboard built in. I am amazed how light and portable it is and how easy to use. Just touch the live tile pertaining to the application or function you wish to use and its done! I can resize the tiles and rearrange them in any order I wish. When I want to know what the weather is at home in California, I just look at the weather tile. Linking the people in my life has never been faster, I just use the people tile to see what they have posted, or messaged. I can also send them pictures of our adventures in the Australian Islands with one touch. And the best thing is that if I need to type something long,( like this blog) the real live keyboard makes it a quick and accurate task. If you are near a Microsoft Store (please see Trevor’s post below for locations), I suggest that you check one out for yourself.

surface snip 2

For Holland America and the Digital Workshop Powered by Windows, I am Frank Barcelona Techspert aboard the MS Volendam.

20 Nov

Hello Everyone,

Rob here on the ms Veendam, today we have just finished our first cruise around Cape Horn in South America. This trip has so many highlights, ranging from the Chilean Fjords, Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina, Cape Horn and to top it all off, a final stop in Buenos Aires!

During our longer cruises we often urge our guests to make good use out of the digital workshop or more specifically the fantastic features of Windows Live Photo Gallery. Here are a few pictures you guys have been taking along the way.

Pictures courtesy of Lorne Ebenstiner of BC, Rick Fadden of BC,  Scott Webb of Oregon & Elizabeth Havas of Australia.
Smooth Sailings Everyone!

Rob Nicholson

ms Veendam

Windows 8 is Great!

14 Nov

Windows 8 has been out for a few weeks now and, wow, what an exciting update it is to the Windows operating system. With the beautiful and elegant Start screen, all the interesting apps that are available and the easy-to-use touch interface, Windows has come a long way since it was first released back in the early 1980s.

A really great aspect of Windows 8 is that you can use it just as easily with a keyboard and mouse as with the new touch interface. Plus, the familiar Windows 7 desktop is still available to run older applications.

The best part is that it’s only $40 to upgrade from XP, Vista or 7. This is a limited-time offer, however; the price goes up after January 31.

Here are some valuable resources for you to use in learning more about Windows 8:

Learn more about Windows 8.

See if your computer is ready for the new Windows and download the upgrade.

Discover the Windows 8 Compatibility Center.

Visit the Microsoft Store and check out Microsoft’s new Surface tablet computer.

Find the right computer for you.

Sign up for a Microsoft account.

Learn more about security in Windows 8.

Download the latest versions of Photo Gallery and Movie Maker. and

John Busey
Techspert, ms Statendam