Fetch files on your PC

13 Jan

Here is a great way to access files from a remote PC when you are traveling.

If you have the SkyDrive desktop app for Windows installed on a PC, you can use the Fetch files feature to access all your files on that PC from another computer by going to SkyDrive.com. You can even access network locations if they’re included in the PC’s libraries or mapped as drives. When you browse a PC’s files remotely, you can download copies of them to work on. You can also stream video and view photos in a slide show. To access files on your PC remotely, make sure the PC you want to access is turned on and connected to the Internet. SkyDrive also needs to be running on that PC, and the Fetch files setting must be selected.

Here’s how:

If you didn’t select the Fetch files setting when you set up the SkyDrive app, you can select it in Settings.

1. Go to the PC where SkyDrive is installed.

  1. Right-click the SkyDrive icon (clip_image001) in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar. (You might need to click Show hidden icons first to see the icon.) Then click Settings.

3. On the Settings tab, under General, select Let me use SkyDrive to fetch any of my files on this PC, and then click OK.

4. Restart the SkyDrive app.

Here is another tip;

· To make sure SkyDrive always starts when you sign in to Windows, right-click the SkyDrive icon in the notification area, and then click Settings. On the Settings tab, under General, select Start SkyDrive automatically when I sign in to Windows, and then click OK.

If you do not yet have a SkyDrive (Windows) ID, just go to www.skydrive.com and signup. I am sure you will be glad you did.

Frank Barcelona Techspert MS Volendam, for the Holland America Digital Workshop powered by Windows.


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