Microsoft Reimagines Paint

4 Feb

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Van Gogh used “Paint as Paint”, meaning he not only expressed the way he saw things in his art but he was very topographical with his medium! With globs of paint straight from the tube on the canvas, he created thick layered textures, peaks and valleys, crumbling dry and smearing wet, rich colors together.

This amazing App will turn your Windows 8 computer screen into a realistic, caked-up oil canvas. From finger painting with a touch screen to unique brush strokes with your pointer, YOU can be the new “Digital” Van Gogh with Windows 8 “Fresh Paint”!

The timing for a new age of digital art couldn’t be better with the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 8 touch screen interfaces for tablets, laptops and desktop computers. 

SurfaceFresh Paint is an easy to use, free app that includes oil paint and all the tools you need to paint. Whether you are an aspiring artist, parent, or kid (or kid at heart), Fresh Paint will help you unleash your inner creativity. Windows 8 believes that brilliant, creative ideas can come from anyone, anytime. It’s time to set your creativity free.

With your fancy palette, dab into the infinite amount of high quality colors, shades and patterns with four different brush styles. Create your own colors! 

Choose what kind of textured paper, canvas or background you want to use.

Apply your brushstrokes and it will appear as though you’re painting with oil on a textured canvas!

Sample Colors

Here are examples of some artwork made with Fresh Paint:


Import  photos and embellish them with Fresh Paint!

You will quickly realize that this is not your ordinary paint program.

Oh, Microsoft didn’t forget to offer the ability to redo, undo, save and share your  new masterpieces. Go ahead and dry your canvas too!


Fresh Paint’s origins are in Microsoft Research, where five computer scientists worked for several years  giving PCs the ability to simulate complex brushstrokes.

Project Gustof art

A prototype, called Microsoft Digital Art, was tested more than 60,000 times by visitors at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, from whom the team got critical feedback. They created a "dry" button that allows users to virtuallyProject Gustof "paint over" dry paint, instead of mixing wet paints on the canvas, and they cut the number of brushes from seven to four. More recent updates let people color in stencils or cartoons, paint on photographs, and even bring in photos as "wet paint" — a fun feature you have to play with to appreciate.

With the introduction of this new app, there has been a new wave of “Fresh Painters” to enter the new age of contemporary, digital art. This is what painting in the modern age is and what the future will look like. 

Windows 8 brings a lot of amazing new features to the PC, but this has got to be one of the coolest, stand-out apps I’ve ever seen!

To use it you’ll have to upgrade to Windows 8 or buy a new computer with Windows 8 on it. To download Windows 8 or order the disk go to this website:

Once you have the new OS, simply tap or click on the Windows Store tile on your Start Screen.

Start Store Paint

Select “Top Free” . . . . 

Top Free

. . . . . then slide to the right . . . . .  Slide this way

. . . . . until you find the yellow logo.
So Fresh
Don’t worry if you don’t own a touch screen; it will work fine with your mouse and pointer!

There you see? Even I can be an artist . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . but I’m not quitting my day job.


This is Trevor the Techspert gettin’ digi with Windows 8 and Fresh Paint.


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