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Format your Camera’s Memory Card

28 Apr

Hello Everyone! 

I would like to introduce myself first, my name is Erika and I’m a new Techspert currently working on the MS Veendam. I’ve had a few guests ask me the purpose of formatting a memory card and I thought I would share it on the Digital Workshop blog as well. 


When you buy a new memory card to use in your digital camera, I recommend formatting the card in the camera before you start taking photos. This will ensure that the memory card functions to the best of its ability in accordance to your camera. 




Follow these steps to find how to Format your Memory Card:

1. Turn on your Camera. 

2. Find and press the Menu button on your digital camera (usually located on the back beside the display window).

2. In the Menu window select the Tools setting, which is usually represented by a wrench or hammer symbol (see above photo for example – #1). 

3. Within the Tools setting, scroll down until the Format option is highlighted (see above photo for example – #2). 

4. To select Format, simply press the OK button on your camera (this button might also be called Func/Set). 


Reasons to Format your Memory Card:

1. You have just purchased a new memory card.

2. You have an old memory card that you wish to use in a different or new digital camera.

3. You wish to delete all of your photos at once and return the memory card to the factory settings. 


It is a good idea to format your card a few times a year if you are an avid camera user and take many pictures throughout the year. This allows the card to be refreshed and continue being used to the best of its ability. However, a word of caution: Formatting a memory card with photos will ERASE ALL PHOTOS PERMANENTLY. Please ensure that you have transfered your photos to your computer before formatting your memory card.  


I hope this helps you understand a little more the Formatting Function on your cameras and I wish to see you all soon on a Holland America Line ship!  

– Techspert Erika on the MS Veendam 

Keep in touch with Twitter & Windows 8!

15 Apr

Many Digital Workshop participants have told us how excited they are about the new People app in Windows 8 and it’s ability to help them to stay connected with their favorite social media services such as Facebook and Twitter.

For those who love to get their “tweet” on, you will be happy to hear the news that an official Twitter app has been released for Windows 8!

Twitter App for Windows 8

Not only does this app provide all the traditional Twitter goodness you’ve come to love, but it also integrates well with the People app and many other components of Microsoft’s newest operating system. As explained in a recent release from Microsoft, “Because this app was made uniquely for Windows 8, it’s closely supported by the features you love, like the Share charm.”

In addition, the Twitter app works well with the Snap feature of Windows 8 so that if you are streaming your favorite TV show or sporting event, you can see what people are saying about it on one side of your screen while you watch it on the other!

To find out more about the new Twitter app for Windows 8, check it out in Microsoft’s Windows Store.

And to find out more about keeping in touch and staying connected with social media and Windows 8, be sure to visit us in the Digital Workshop Powered by Windows on your next Holland America Line cruise.

John Roberts – ms Rotterdam

Caring For Touchscreens

13 Apr

Hi there folks!

Kristin here, writing from our Elegant Explorer the Ms Prinsendam, now ported in the beautiful coastal town of Marmaris, Turkey with some helpful hints on taking care of some of your equipment. 

We are going into the touchscreen age folks, and many of us already have touch devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, ultra books as well as desktop all in ones. Recently the Prinsendam, along with many other Holland America ships, received some brand new Sony all in one computers that are touch enabled.  Taking care of touchscreen devices requires a different method of cleaning so I wanted to share with a few tips and some helpful advice that will help to keep your touchscreen in the best shape it can be.

Over time our touchscreen computers get attract all kinds of dust particles attracted by static as well as build up of oils from repeated touching from our fingers decreases the responsiveness of our devices. 

First, make sure that you are cleaning the screen when the computer is turned off, as when the screen is dark you are able to see more vividly the marks and smudges. 

Second, make sure you use a lint free cloth and no paper towels.  Paper towels are likely to scratch your screen as they are way too hard.  You need to moisten the cloth with either distilled water or a type of screen cleaner that does not contain ammonia and is alcohol free as both of these chemicals can cause damage to your screen.  There are also cleaning wipes that are designed for touchscreen computers as well. Don’t spray anything on the screen directly, moisten the cloth with the liquid you are using and then wipe down your screen.  After which dry it off with another lint free cloth. 

Do not use any type of glass cleaner (i.e. Windex) and also do not use tap water as it could leave marks on the screen. 


Hope these tips keep your new touchscreens working at their maximum efficiency!