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Announcing The New Digital Workshops

26 May

In case you have not heard, we are updating all of our Digital Workshops.

On your next Holland America Cruise you will be treated to new Sony all-in-one computers with Windows 8 and 20” touch screens. Most all of our ships will have even more computers for you to learn on while cruising. Bigger flat screens for your viewing pleasure and over 20 classes to enrich your Windows experience.

New Furniture and a brighter décor await you. Thanks to Holland America and to Microsoft for making all of this possible. Now you can have even more fun on your next cruise.

For the Holland America Digital Workshop powered by Windows I am Frank Barcelona Techspert Nieuw Amsterdam.

Today, On Location. Sailing Toward Alaska.

12 May

Get those Cameras ready for some Panoramas!

Hey Everyone! Techspert Scott, here! Posting from the beautiful Vista ship, the M/S Zuiderdam!

With the Summer season here, a majority of our Holland America Fleet is sailing in the beautiful Alaskan territory.  You know what that means?! PANORAMAS!

Alaska, also known as “The Last Frontier”, is an excellent opportunity for wildlife sightings! But my personal favorite, snapping Panoramas!  While traveling throughout this gorgeous scenery, I hope we have our cameras ready!

Let us use the skills we learned here in the Digital Workshop to edit, stitch  create and save our photos! We are encouraging everyone to take advantage of “Techspert Time” to stop by the Digital Workshop where we will assist with transferring your photos to the computer and then using Windows Photo Gallery to edit, retouch, and create beautiful works of Art!


Have fun with Panoramas!

Take Care!

Techspert Scott

MS Zuiderdam