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Must have Apps

17 Jun

Hello again, this is Aiden the Techspert checking in from Northeast Canada.

Your Windows 8 machine comes preloaded with some great Apps like Mail, Calendar, SkyDrive and Maps. Once you get familiar with these there are a few must have Apps.  There are over 70,000 Apps available today. So how do you find the bests ones? Start with these:


Most of my favorite Apps have to do with Photos, however anyone can have a fun time with these. 6-18-2013 1-08-15 AM


  1. PhotoFunia
  2. allrecipes
  3. TED Talks
  4. ShortCutKeys
  5. wordBrush
  7. Tile Clock
  8. Lazy Paint
  9. PasswordMeter
  10. Face Goo


All of these apps can be found in the Windows store for FREE!! That is right, just like the sessions on board all of the Apps listed are free to use!


Here is a sample of PhotoFunia- Take a regular picture and turn it into a masterpiece!

6-18-2013 1-02-06 AM6-18-2013 1-01-00 AM

Face Goo is a great way to edit your photos when you are looking to have a little fun!


6-18-2013 1-13-37 AM6-18-2013 1-15-44 AM

Now I have the proof to back up all of my fish stories.



Techspert MS Veendam

PS. no fish were harmed in the making of this Blog.

Stay Safe with Windows 8

16 Jun

Hello, This is Techspert Aiden writing to you from sunny Halifax, Nova Scotia. The first step in protecting any computer is to put a password on your device. With windows 8 there are three different options to keep you safe. Below is a break down of your options, Pick the one that meets your needs or enable all three!

6-17-2013 10-50-48 AM

All of these features can be found under the Settings Charm, click on PC Settings, then Users.

You can also find these options from the start screen by typing “password” then clicking settings.


The password you know and love( to forget).

This is your Microsoft Account password. For those of you that have sailed with us in the past this is what we called your Windows Live ID.   6-17-2013 12-08-15 PMYour Microsoft account allows you to bring together all the great features and programs that windows 8 has to offer like, Xbox Live, Hotmail, Photo Gallery and Movie Maker.

Picture password( fun and easy for touch enabled devices)

6-17-2013 11-28-21 AMYou can unlock your new windows 8 Machine with three simple gestures, circles, straight lines, and taps or clicks if you are using a mouse.

The picture password, makes security fun and easy!


Pin password( easy to enter, hard to forget)

6-17-2013 11-19-00 AMHow often have you forgotten your PIN number on your debit card? Never? 4-Digit pins are easy to remember and easy to enter.

Using a pin can be a quick and easy way to keep your information safe.

Chose a 4-Digit pin to unlock your computer. This is great for touch devices and if you are using your mouse and keyboard.


If you set up all three you can switch between them at the log in screen by selecting Sign in options6-17-2013 12-09-11 PM

Stay Safe and Stay Happy


Techspert MS Veendam


For additional information check out these links:

Picture password shapes-

Soaked digital camera? Uncooked rice may help…

16 Jun

Hello Everyone!

Techspert Ricah here on the beautiful and elegant MS Statendam.  With its epic size and scale Alaska is a great subject for taking beautiful pictures. That being said, guests frequently have to deal with changing weather and rain. Today I thought it relevant to talk to you about how to potentially save your digital camera if it gets drenched with water.  As you know water is the enemy when it comes to your digital camera. Therefore it is imperative that you act quickly! Follow these next steps and you increase your chances of giving your digital camera a fighting chance:

  1. Immediately turn off your camera as soon as possible.
  2. Separate and dry the individual parts with an absorbent cloth or q-tip (especially in the hard to reach places). For the camera lens make sure to use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching or damaging it.
  3. Fill a bowl with uncooked rice and place your camera, battery, and SD card in it so that it is buried and surrounded. If you’re wondering about the uncooked rice it helps because it removes the water by absorbing the moisture away from the camera.
  4. Now comes the hard part…leave it there and wait at least 24 hours. 48 hours is better if you can stand it.


With quick action and a little luck hopefully your camera will come roaring back to life.

*Keep in mind that this is a last and final resort which can have mixed results.


Take care and happy sailing!

Techpsert Ricah

MS Statendam

Caring for Your Touchscreen PC

6 Jun

Greetings from the Elegant Explorer, the MS Prisendam! We are currently sailing the Baltic Sea on our way to Tallin, Estonia.

As many of you may know, Windows 8 has been designed to be used with touch, mouse and keyboard together. If you have made the move to a new Touch Screen PC you may have noticed that the screen becomes covered with fingerprints rather quickly.  Today I’d like to discuss how to clean and take care of your Touch Screen PC.

Firstly, and this may seem self-explanatory, but try to refrain from eating and drinking around your PC (this goes for non-touch screen PC’s as well). Almost every type of food and drink contains some sort of oil, sugar, or other sticky ingredient that can end up on your Touch Screen, inhibiting it’s proper functions. I’d suggest to keep the food in your kitchen and wash your hands with soap and water before using your PC.

When those inevitable fingerprints and grease marks show up on your Touch Screen it’s important to know how to safely remove them without damaging your PC.

– To avoid scratches, use a soft cloth. I like to recommend a Microfiber cloth or any lint-free cloth (using a paper product such as a paper towel or a tissue may scratch the screen).

– Keep the cloth in close perimeter to the PC and clean it regularly. Simply wipe the cloth across the screen until the fingerprints have disappeared.

– If you encounter more stubborn grease or spots, dampen the cloth SLIGHTLY with water. It should not take much moisture to remove a stubborn mark from the touch screen.  Do not apply the water directly to the screen.

– Refrain from using any chemicals such as Windex or other Glass Cleaners, as these may damage the screen.


If you follow these guidelines and clean your Touch Screen regularly you should enjoy many years of swiping, tapping, and sliding your way around your Windows 8 Apps!


Techspert Erika

MS Prinsendam