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Get Creative with Auto Collage!

26 Aug


Remember when you were a kid and you cut out pictures and glued them onto paper or cardboard to make a collage?  Well, now you can get your inner-child going with an exciting digital update to your classic collage project of yesteryear.

Put away the Elmer’s glue and check out the feature called “Auto Collage” in the latest version of Photo Gallery from Microsoft.


Auto Collage!


To create a collage simply open Photo Gallery and select at least seven images from your gallery. Next, find the “Auto Collage” button under the “Create” tab, select the desired size, and Voila!

When the collaged photo has been “glued together”, just type a new name for the finished product. The Auto Collage tool does not harm the original pictures selected. Instead, it constructs a new picture. This new picture is a single jpeg file that can then be edited just like any of your individual photos.

Your new masterpiece is then ready to be printed, emailed or posted on your favorite social networking site!

You can find the latest version of Microsoft’s Photo Gallery by going to

And, to find out more about how to get creative with your photos, be sure to visit us in the Digital Workshop Powered by Windows on your next Holland America Line cruise.

John Roberts – ms Amsterdam

The Right Place at the Right Time

20 Aug

Hello folks,

Techspert Kristin here, writing from the beautiful Glacier Bay National Park overlooking the majestic Marjorie Glacier.  I have come to Alaska almost every summer for the past four years and you can never really get tired of seeing this amazing scenery.  One of the highlights of Glacier Bay National Park is of course, the glaciers, with Marjorie being in my opinion, quite the standout .  Marjorie Glacier is a tide water glacier, which means that it generates sufficient snow to flow out from the mountains to the sea,  and unlike many glaciers in Alaska is said to be somewhat stable and not receding.  Marjorie begins its decent downward on the slopes of Mount Root that is on the Alaska/Canada border.  Its usually over one mile long in width and extends around 21 miles to its source.  Where the Westerdam sails we see Marjorie Glacier as well as the Grand Pacific Glacier, these two glaciers are only approachable by either land or water.  While we were viewing the glacier last week we witnessed one of the largest calving that I have seen during my time in Alaska and Mr. Kemp Whisenhunt of Little Rock, Arkansas was so kind as to let me have his video that he took of this impressive display of nature. 


Cheers from the Westerdam,