Helping Out the Locals

2 Jan

Hi there folks,


Kristin here, writing from a little café in San Juan, Puerto Rico, wanting to bring you a little information on what we as crew sometimes do on our time off the ship.  One of my favorite and most rewarding activities to do off the ship is to be able to volunteer my time to help some of the local environmental charities that our ships go to on some ports of call.  Many of these ports of call have amazing natural resources that guests come on a cruise to experience and I believe it is only right that we should help where we can to help support these beautiful and amazing places.  As well as helping out the local environments it is also a wonderful way to bond with fellow crew member as well as get to know the locals of the places we visit whom we wouldn’t have normally met.  Here are some pictures from two such volunteering activities from Sitka, Alaska and the beautiful Caribbean island of Bonaire.  In Sitka myself and others volunteered at the Sitka Raptor Center which is a rehabilitation and education center for native Alaskan birds. There, we helped to clear out the walking trail which visitors can take as they stroll through their grounds.  In Bonaire we helped to clean a small stretch of beach on the East Coast of the country where, unluckily for Bonaire, it presides on a current  that brings in tons of plastic from South America and deposits it on their beautiful beaches. We picked up over 138 bags of garbage and plastic there in only one hour, its was a great feeling but also rather a sad sight. This garbage and plastic is especially hazardous for the endangered turtles or other species that come to nest on the shores as many of them think plastic bags are the jellyfish that they eat or we were even told that the garbage even sometimes covers the turtle nests and doesn’t allow for the turtles emerge, basically suffocating them.  Volunteering is just such a great way to be able to enhance your travel experience as well as getting to know the land and culture that your traveling through.


Cheers from the Noordam,








2 Responses to “Helping Out the Locals”

  1. Judy Speidel January 2, 2014 at 4:14 pm #

    Interesting but hard to read. I received this twice and both of them had to be scrolled from left to right to read. Much better to be able to scroll up and down.

  2. Terry Seery January 2, 2014 at 10:13 pm #

    Well done Kristin, Keep up the good work

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