Six Cool Ways to Shut Down Windows 8.1

22 Jan

Windows 8.1 offers diverse ways to get things done. At the very least you have three ways to do a particular task. But with shutting down there are even more options. Take a look below;

1.Use the New Start Button;

Simply right click the Start Button and left click the command to shut down option.

2. Launch the Charms Bar;

Use key strokes (Windows Key + C) and then, click or touch on “Settings” then click on the power switch.

3. From the Desktop press “Alt + F4”;

The Shut Down window will appear and give you several options – See Rob’s great blog below for more on this method.

4. Use the Log-in-Screen;

From the Start Screen, click on your account photo in the upper right hand corner and select the sign out option. Once you are logged out, tap or click any key to get past the lock screen. Then just click Shut Down in the lower right hand corner.

5. Set up your Power Button to do the work;

Those of you who simple like to use the power switch or closing the lid on a laptop will love this feature. Go to the Desktop, right-click on the battery icon locate in the lower right hand side of the screen. Click on “Power Options” and click on the setting to choose what the power button does. You can now change the settings for “on Battery”, “Plugged in” or both to tell the computer to shut down when you press the power button or close the lid. Be sure to hit the “Save Changes Button” when you exit this menu.

6. A great method for touch screen devices;

Last but not least, open up the “File Explorer” (it’s the littler file folder on the lower left hand side of your screen). Navigate to C:\windows\System32 folder. Scroll down the folder’s contents until you see a file named “SlideToShutDown.exe. Double click that file, and the lock screen appears at the top half of the screen promoting you to slide your finger down to exit Windows. Just slide your finger to power down. To make this method even more useful, right-click on the “SlideToShutDown.exe” file and select the option to “Pin to start”. Now you have a tile to click on or tap whenever you wish to shut down Windows.


Enjoy trying out these methods and select the one that works best for you.


Frank Barcelona Techspert Eurodam for the Holland America Digital Workshop powered by Windows.


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