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OneDrive :: The New SkyDrive

22 Feb

Hello Everyone,

Techspert Erika here, writing to you from the Elegant Explorer MS Prinsendam. We are currently 49 days into our 68 day Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage. What a tremendous experience this has been, from rainforests and beaches to icebergs and penguins, definitely an experience of a lifetime!

I’d like to take a moment to talk about Microsoft’s personal cloud storage service. Microsoft announced on February 19 that their personal cloud storage service, formerly known as SkyDrive, has been renamed to OneDrive. The name change came about because of a trademark dispute with another company, BSkyB. You may have noticed the change on your own computers.

OneDrive still offers the same great service, giving you one place to store your important photos, documents, and videos online. You can think of OneDrive as an external USB flashdrive (of sorts) instead of placing your photos or files to share on a flashdrive, you can place them in OneDrive and send an email sharing those files to whomever you want. This is a great way to get around those pesky email size attachment limitations. Signing up for a OneDrive account gets you 7GB of free storage.

If you want more information on OneDrive, I suggest to head to this website:

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Hope to see you soon!

Techspert Erika :: MS Prinsendam