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How to use Movie Moments

30 Mar

Movie Moments helps you turn your videos into short movies you’ll love to share. You can trim scenes to keep only your favorite parts, highlight key moments with stylish captions, and add music to set the mood. Then share the finished movie without leaving the application.

This app is meant for making quick, fun changes to short videos. The final movies are all  60 seconds or less. If you are interested inn making more advanced edits or working with longer movies, check out Movie Maker in Windows Essentials 2012.

Install Movie Moments;

1. From the Start screen, open the Windows Store. You need to be connected to the internet and you’ll need to sig I using a Microsoft Account.

2. Enter Movie Moments in the search box in the upper-right corner of the search bar

3.Tap or click Movie Moments in the results,

4. Tap or click Install.

Open Movie Moments

1. Go to Start

2.Slide up from the Start Screen.

3. Enter Movie Moments in the search field

4. Tap or click Movie Moments

Create a Movie

1. From the Start screen open Movie Moments

2. Pick a video or take a new one

3. You cn do ay of these things when making your movie;

Delete scenes; Move the handles to where you want the movie to start or stop

Add a title or captions; tap or click the Caption button and enter your words and tap or click Done.

Change the style of the title and captions: tap or click the caption button then tap or click styles.

Add music: tap or click Music and then choose a song.

Next tap or click preview.

Next click or tap save.

Now go to the charms bar and share your masterpiece.

For the Holland America Digital Workshop powered by Windows, I am

Frank Barcelona Techspert Eurodam.

Beautiful Indonesia

7 Mar

Hey Folks,

Rob here on the ms Rotterdam. This time of year the Rotterdam is the one lucky ship in the entire fleet to be doing regular trips around the islands of Indonesia and this country sure does offer a huge variety of things to do. Whether it’s the bustling city life of Jakarta, the ancient religious grounds of Borobudur or the beautiful islands of Bali, Lobok and Komodo.

To demonstrate, here are a few examples of those fantastic islands… (editing and panoramics with the help of the ever useful Windows Photo Gallery of course!)

Bali Rice Paddie 1 (1280x457)

Bali Volcano (1280x765)

DSC_0010 (887x1280)

DSC_0024 (850x1280)

DSC_3126 (1280x729)

DSC_3201 (1280x850)

Komodo Stich (1280x523)

Just a little taster of one of the many fantastic destinations Holland America cruises.

Safe sailing, folks. See you in the Digital Workshop soon!

ms Rotterdam