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Bring back my lovely Windows 8 Start Screen please!!

12 Apr

Windows 8.1 received a necessary update on Tuesday April 8, 2014.  You should always download and install updates for feature and security reasons.  This update had me puzzled though…after 2 years of LOVING Windows 8 with the Start Screen tiles and teaching in my Digital Workshop how truly easy and fabulous this new style is to use I found my computer had basically reverted to mostly a Windows 7 Desktop environment.  For those of you who love your Windows 7 I will admit it was a great operating system, but I made the switch to 8 because I HAD to have the live tiles with all the great information!!!  But I also chose to have a non-touch screen computer due to cost.  Users of 8.1 with tablets will see no noticeable change to their machines, but desktop users may get a shock when they don’t boot to their tiles or return to the Start Screen when pressing the Windows key or after closing open programs.

If you would like to bring back the familiar Windows 8.1 way of working after you finish installing your April update follow the instructions provided here:

Step one:  Reveal your charms (Windows key + C)

Step two: Click search charm

Step three: Search for “taskbar” and select the search result “Taskbar and Navigation”

Step four: On the Navigation tab match the checked and unchecked boxes as shown. 

Step five: Click to the Taskbar tab and uncheck the “Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar” box.  (I realize after taking these screenshots that I have the box checked for auto-hide the taskbar, as that is a preference of mine, but you do not have to check that box if you like the taskbar to stay on your desktop).


Cheers from the ms Oosterdam from Trisha the Techspert!!