Get Busy More Quickly: How to avoid the Windows 8 lock screen and log in automatically

16 May

By default, when your Windows 8 computer goes to sleep and then wakes up, it will display the lock screen. This is similar to the lock screen on most smart phones that appears each time you turn the screen on. You see a nice graphic and perhaps info such as the number of new email messages and upcoming calendar events. On a tablet or phone, it sort of makes sense; on a desktop or laptop, maybe not so much. If your computer doesn’t have touch-screen support, click the mouse or tap a key to “raise” the lock screen. Then you see the log-in screen where you enter your password.

If you’d prefer not to encounter these screens before you get to your desktop, you can disable the display of the lock screen with a simple change to the local Group Policy. 

Be sure you’re logged on as an Administrator and do the following:

  • To open the Group Policy Editor, press Win+R and enter gpedit.msc.
  • At the Group Policy Editor console, in the left console tree pane, navigate to Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Control Panel/Personalization as shown here:
  • In details pane on the right, double click the setting labeled Do not display the lock screen.
  • Click the Enabled option, then click OK.

Now, you’ll go straight to the log-in screen without seeing the lock screen.

If you are the only user on this computer, you can even bypass the log-in screen if you wish. However, be aware that access to your computer will not be as secure as before.

  • Log in as an Administrator. Press Win+R and enter netplwiz.
  • In the center section of the User Accounts window, select your User Name, the one that is an Administrator.
  • Uncheck the box at the top and click OK.
  • You will then be asked for the password. After entering it twice, click OK again and you’re done.Image

Now, when you wake or boot your computer, you can get busy right away. 

Techspert John B.
ms Eurodam




One Response to “Get Busy More Quickly: How to avoid the Windows 8 lock screen and log in automatically”

  1. David July 26, 2014 at 1:46 am #

    Thanks for all your help on the ship, but I cannot find the full version of the handouts as promised by the Techsperts on board. All I can find are the one or two page handouts we received onboard.

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