NEW Windows 8.1 Updated

21 May

Windows 8.1 Update is largely a collection of tweaks to the interface, rather than the type of feature improvements we saw with Windows 8.1 last year. A new title bar will be displayed at the top of Windows 8-style apps with the latest update, making it possible close these apps with a mouse and keyboard. Microsoft has also tweaked the hot corners that typically appear for the Charms and quick app switching in the desktop, adding a delay so they don’t pop up unexpectedly when you go to close a desktop app or navigate backwards in a browser.


Your Desktop taskbar with your Start Screen apps.

Changes and tweaks has also been extended to the taskbar, where Start Screen apps can now be pinned and accessed directly from your Desktop taskbar. The Windows Store app will be pinned by default, a change designed so that desktop users will still be able to discover new apps. This change makes it definitely much simpler for the desktop users to only use the all the apps on Windows 8.1 on your desktop.


Right Click Drop Down Commands.

A real nice change also came for mouse users with the right click in the Start Screen. When you use right click on an App tile in the Start Screen you get a drop down menu with commands and not the command bar at the bottom of the screen, which makes it easier and faster for mouse users to access commands.


 Start Screen Power and Search Buttons

Other tweaks and changes include a new shutdown and Search button the Start Screen. “The number one question I get on the ship is ‘I don’t know how to shutdown my machine is there an easier way to do so?’. The new shutdown button only appears on desktop PCs and laptops (similar to boot-to-desktop) and you won’t see it at all on your tablet devices. The search option will appear on every machine, but you can still use the easy search by just typing in the start screen. Microsoft has also tweaked the way new apps are installed on your device, with a notification on the Start Screen for each new app that’s installed from the Windows Store.



YouTube Microsoft Video.


TehSpert | Abrie Venter

ms Maasdam




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