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What is Spyware?

30 Jul

Hi there folks,


Techspert Kristin here writing from the Nieuw Amsterdam currently docked in Rome, Italy. Today I would like to talk about Spyware, what it is and how it is possible to get your computer infected.  Have you ever experienced your computer running so slow that you could go and fix yourself a pot of coffee before returning to the computer and even then your media player hasn’t even opened you.  You might be infected with Spyware.


Spyware is basically any type of program that gets into your computer and runs in the background without your permission.  It sits there in the background while it makes changes to your computer, uses up your processing speed, tracks your internet surfing and nags you with unwanted ads and offers.


Spyware usually gets onto your computer by an errant click on a pop up window, you’ve installed a software package and given it permission to add other software or you’ve opened a fake security alert pop up. 


Spyware can accomplish a multitude of different things on your computer like running applications in the background using up all your RAM or opening some many pop ups that your Web browser becomes extremely slow.  Some spyware directs your searches to specific webpages and specific results.  Then there are some types that truly spy on you.  They are designed to intercept personal information like user names and passwords from the websites that your visiting and forward that information on to others.


Some good rules of thumb to keep in mind when trying to prevent spyware is to be suspicious of installing new software that you don’t recognize like Flash, Java etc.  Also, get to know where certain computer messages pop up and the standard look of them.  If you get some weird pop-ups coming up on your computer screen avoid the cancel or no thanks button, they have the potential of still downloading spyware onto your computer.  Click on the X button on the windows or use the key stroke to close the window.


Hope this information helps some of y’all in the future to avoid any mishaps.