Fun with Windows Photo Gallery’s Photo Fuse: Adding People to Your Pictures

10 Nov

Techspert Jessica here, writing from the ms Prinsendam as it works its way across the Atlantic towards Ft. Lauderdale.  I’m just about to disembark from the ship, so I’m spending some time looking back through my photos taken in all of the amazing ports we’ve been visiting over the past few months in Europe.  Not only have I had the opportunity to take some great shots, I’ve had some fun along the way with photo editing.

We’ve featured some posts here on our blog in the past looking at the Photo Fuse tool in Windows Photo Gallery.  There are some great things you can do with this tool, including removing people from images or crafting creative, dynamic photos by combining color and black-and-white photography.  But what I’ve been having fun playing with is not how to remove people from my shots, but how to put more people in.

To do this, I had to get some help from my friends.  A trip to the ancient Roman amphitheater ruins in Durres, Albania, was the perfect opportunity.  I stood in one spot on the “stage” of the amphitheater while my friends chose a seat somewhere up in the stands (or what’s left of them).  I snapped the first picture, as seen here:

DSC00162 (2)

As soon as I had taken the picture, I yelled, “MOVE!”, and my friends ran to sit in a new spot.  I then snapped the next picture:

DSC00163 (2)

We kept doing this again and again until we thought we had enough pictures, six different shots in all with my friends sitting in six different locations (see “Tips & Tricks” below for some info on capturing the pictures in the right way).  Once I had the pictures, the photo editing fun began.

First, I transferred all of the photos onto my computer and opened them up in Photo Gallery.  Then, I selected all six of the photos (see “Tips & Tricks” below for an easy way to do this) and selected “Photo Fuse” (found on the Create ribbon).

Capture 1

Photo Gallery layered the photos one on top of the other, with a window showing the other layers for a specific area that I selected. In the example here, I clicked on my friend in the yellow shirt, and the window that says, “Which do you like best?” shows me that same spot on the layers that are behind the one that I can currently see.

Capture 2

The next step was to locate my friends in each of the other photos.  It took a bit of hunting at times to find them, because I could only see the picture that was on top, but when I found another copy of one of my friends, all I had to do was click on that option, and Photo Gallery brought that other copy of my friend to the top layer.  The result was that I now had two – or three or four or five! – copies of my friend in the picture.  In the example below, I’m just about to click on the second copy of my friend to bring it into the photo, to replace an area that was originally empty.

Capture 3

In the final picture that you can see here, it looks like there are 18 people in the photo.  But when you look closer, you can see that it is really just each of my three friends, repeated in six different places.

DSC00162 Fuse (2)

You can probably see why I love Photo Fuse so much and why I think it’s such a fun tool to work with.  I hope you have as much fun as I do creating fun, interesting photos using Windows Photo Gallery.


Tips and Tricks:

-When taking photos that you plan to use with Photo Fuse, make sure that the camera stays as still as possible.  Photo Gallery can help adjust for really small changes from photo to photo, but it won’t be able to adjust for big changes, nor will it be able to adjust for zooming in or out.

-To help keep the camera steady when shooting without a tripod, choose an object that you can line up with before taking each shot.  In my pictures here, I tried to make sure I had the cave-like entrance always lined up in the bottom right of each of my photos before I snapped the picture.

-When in doubt, take more photos rather than fewer!  You can decide to throw some out or to not include them in your final picture if they don’t turn out great.  But if you only take 2 or 3 pictures to begin with, you don’t really have any wiggle room to work with and will be forced to use every single picture.

-Make sure everyone in your photo choses a unique location to sit/stand!  I had a couple pictures that I couldn’t use because one friend happened to sit in the exact same location another friend had sat a few pictures before, meaning that they would have been sitting on top of each other in the final photo.

-When in Photo Gallery selecting multiple pictures to fuse together, there’s an easy trick we can use if the photos are all next to each other, one right after the other.  Start by doing a single left click on the first photo.  Then, hold down the Shift key on the keyboard and then do a single left click on the last picture you’d like to select.  Finally, let go of the Shift key.  Holding down the Shift key allows you to select any pictures in between your first and your second clicks; just remember to click on the correct picture before holding down Shift!


2 Responses to “Fun with Windows Photo Gallery’s Photo Fuse: Adding People to Your Pictures”

  1. Betty Prentki November 11, 2014 at 5:54 am #

    Good morning,

    The worksheets that we received in our 8.1 workshops on says that I can go to your website and find the unabridged versions of all the Workshops we took on our cruise. However, all that I can find is the workshop sheets that were given on our cruise to Barcelona.

    Where can I get the unabridged versions?

    Thanks, Betty

    On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 2:33 PM, wrote:

    > haldigitalworkshop posted: “Techspert Jessica here, writing from the > ms Prinsendam as it works its way across the Atlantic towards Ft. > Lauderdale. I’m just about to disembark from the ship, so I’m spending > some time looking back through my photos taken in all of the amazing ports > w”

  2. Clark November 12, 2014 at 3:09 pm #

    I was on an Alaska cruise this summer and took a class on using Photo Gallery. I liked it and looked forward to downloading it when I got home. Unfortunately, when I did download it, all that happened is that it uninstalled Microsoft Office. I never did get Gallery to install or work. What did I do wrong?

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