Getting Help When You Need It

24 Nov

Aloha from the MS Veendam! This is your Techspert Amanda, and I wanted to go over a handy little feature that can be found within your settings charm.

You may be familiar with the way that your settings charm allows you to access different tools to alter things like your backgrounds and colors, but there’s another option available in certain apps and areas of your PC: Help.

The Help option in your settings charm is particularly useful when you are still familiarizing yourself with navigating Windows 8.1 and its features. Let’s take a look at a few examples!

Let’s say that we’re in the Start Screen and we’ve forgotten how to pin applications or access other available features. We need only reveal our charms (my favorite method is by using the Windows Logo Key + C) and select settings. Once we select the settings charm, it will reveal the options available, including Help.


Once we select Help from the settings charm, it will launch a webpage dedicated to the Start Screen.


As we continue to scroll down the web page, we reveal tips and step-by-step directions on how to navigate and customize your start screen. Seeing as how we were looking to pin applications to the start, we would scroll to that section in the help page and follow the directions listed.


Another useful feature of this Help tool is that it will open a webpage in whichever environment you are in. For example, when we opened the Help tool in the Start Screen, it opened a help web page in the Internet Explorer app. However, when we select Help while in the desktop environment, our Help page is launched in a desktop-friendly Help and Support program.


Last, but not least: Especially when you are first starting out in Windows 8.1, not only should you keep the Help option in mind as you navigate through, but remember too that you have the Help and Tips app available to assist you with your transition into the Windows 8.1 environment.


The Help and Tips app has comprehensive information regarding how to navigate and use the Windows 8.1 Operating System, and even allows you to narrow down your information by whether you are using Touch or a Mouse!


Whatever your endeavors within the Windows 8.1 environment, remember that there are tools available to help you on your way!

  • Amanda Barham | MS Veendam

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