A Different Kind of Drive

19 Jan

Aloha again from the MS Veendam! This is Amanda and I wanted to tell you about a few of the different drives that you can find on the market.

There’s a wide variety of storage for devices on the market today, and the two most common forms of internal storage are the HDD (Hard Disk Drive, aka Hard Drive) and the SSD (Solid State Drive). Both of these types of storage have their positive features and drawbacks. You can also use these in combination with one another for the best results.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive) If you’ve used a desktop, you’ve probably used a hard disk drive. These use disks (called platters) that look similar to CDs. These became the primary method of storing programs and files around the ‘60s.

Pros: High Capacity – You can easily find hard drives up to and beyond 4 Terabytes worth of space. Inexpensive – Even when buying high capacity hard drives, you’re paying pennies per Gigabyte.

Cons: Speed – Since the hard drive uses mechanical parts, it’s much slower than its Solid State cousins. Size – Hard drives are unlikely to continue shrinking, due to the size of the platters used.

SSD (Solid State Drive) Solid state drives are more commonly found in smaller devices such as laptops. These do not use platters, but flash memory chips.

Pros: Speed – Solid state drives are significantly faster than hard drives. Your operating system boots in seconds! Size – Since the solid state drive uses flash memory, it doesn’t have to be a particular size to accommodate platters the way that a hard drive does.

Cons: Price – Solid state drives are significantly more expensive than hard disk drives. You can get 4+ terabytes of space very inexpensively with a hard disk drive, but with a solid state drive a 2 terabyte unit will costs thousands of dollars. Limited Write/Erase – Solid state drives have a finite number of times that content can be written and erased.

Using a dual-drive system: When using a tower desktop, a good choice can be to invest in both a solid state drive and a hard disk drive. A solid state drive with 250 gigabytes worth of storage space is more than enough to accommodate one’s operating system and programs. You can then find inexpensive storage space with a hard disk drive to store all of your photos, documents, music, and other files in your PC. The solid state drive will allow you to quickly access and use your programs, while the hard disk drive will give you plenty of extra space to store your files!

Next time you’re looking into purchasing a PC, consider your options and what will work best for you!

  • Amanda Barham | MS Veendam

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