International Email and Security Settings

24 Mar

Good morning everyone,

Rob here on the ms Maasdam sailing back to Florida from the Caribbean.  Recently we returned from a cruise down to Brazil and I was receiving a lot of very similar questions along the lines of “My email isn’t working!” or “My service provider has blocked my account”

First to tackle the first issue of accounts not working overseas I would strongly suggest setting up an additional email account that does so you can still keep in touch with friends and family!  Some national email providers, for example Verizon, have a tendency to block your account when your accessing your it from a foreign IP address.  Most major email providers support international use simply because people all over the world use them.  Better yet you can even add your regular inbox into your new email so that you can read and send all of your emails from one place!

Go to to set up a new Microsoft email address today to use on your international cruises.

Next up is the issue of your major email providers blocking your account when you are overseas.  This is something that has been increasingly common over the last year or two, most email providers will do this to stop anyone who isn’t you from accessing your emails.  Although it can be frustrating it vastly increases safety and protects your privacy and data.

To make this process a lot more straight forward you need to change your security settings before you travel, first of all access your email account by going to  Once logged in click your settings cog in the top right corner then select Options in the drop down list below.

Email 1

Once you are here you need to select Account details under the Managing your account title.

Email 2

From here, you’ll be asked to log in again to confirm it really is you (you’re about to access some pretty sensitive details here!).

Next you want to select Security & privacy.

Email 3

Next up (nearly there :D) you want to go to your Account security section and select Manage advanced security.

Email 4

From here you want to select Add security info.

Email 5

You will then be asked how would you like to be contacted, try to add as much information as possible such as up to date phone numbers and alternative email accounts.  This way, if you are blocked from accessing your account you will have a lot more ways of being contacted.  I would suggest adding the email address of who ever may be travelling with you or maybe a friend or family member.

Just make sure you do all of this before you travel!

Happy sailing everyone!



One Response to “International Email and Security Settings”

  1. Michelle Moore March 26, 2015 at 12:03 pm #

    Please update the title: “Interntaional” to “International” 🙂 Thanks!

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